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May 21, 2007 03:55 PM

Bringing food thru airport security

I know this will sound bizarre, but I am visiting my parents this weekend and might want to bring a cheesecake. (Long story but we are all having dinner together on Sat night but won't have time Saturday to make a dessert - since I will have time during the week, I thought I might try to make something here in advance.)

Does anyone know what kind of home-baked goods are permissable through security? I recall hearing something around Thanksgiving time about pumpkin pie being "ok" but wasn't sure if this was a) a joke, b) an exception, c) normal year-round.

If all else fails, I'll make cookies. :)

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  1. I don't think there is any restriction on "made" food, like a cheesecake. If you were trying to take whipped cream or something similar in a pressurized container you would be restricted to the 3 oz. container rule.

    One amendment: If you are trying to bring something like jello or aspic or something along those lines there probably would be a 3 oz. restriction. Hopefully the x ray machine will be as "invasive" as they want to be with your cheesecake!

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      1. Coming back from Budapest last fall, security took away everything that wasn't sealed in its original (storebought) packaging. The man in front of me on line had to give up all his homemade goodies that he was bringing back to the U.S. for his friends. Though I don't know where you're going to/ from, so the restrictions might be different.

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          That might have something to do with customs policy. Thanks for the heads up! (I am going Atlanta - Chicago)

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            Oh- yes, that makes sense. I tend to think of them all as the same thing, customs, security, metal detectors... For some reason I thought you were traveling internationally- maybe I need some more coffee. :)

        2. Call the airline. There are so many rules and regulation now that it's hard to say what will be rejected. I know they won't allow ice and coolers. I know they only allow drinks purchased within the security zone. Cheesecake? Call and ask.

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            I bring on my little plastic Coleman coolers all the time. Ice packs are a no-no, ice in zip-locks bags is a twilight zone. The biggest challenge to transporting a cheesecake between domestic points should be just keeping it level the whole time.

          2. I've flown recently with store bought cupcakes, both out of SFO and JFK, and haven't had any problems. I was a little concerned they would define the frosting as a "liquid or gel", but no problems with security at all. I'd make sure it's packaged securely, and I think you'll be fine.

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            1. re: cyberroo

              I posted a similar thread 2 weeks ago - has zero problems when going thru security with loaves of bread & boxes of cookies.

              As long as it's a domestic flight, not to worry.