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May 21, 2007 03:39 PM

Local and Organic

Hi everyone,

I am new to Austin and looking to eat in some restaurants that emphasize local and organic food. Free range meat, veggies sourced from local farms, a bit of emphasis on the greener, more sustainable side of cuisine. That sort of thing. I guess I am looking for a little Chez Panisse in Austin.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Check out Eastside Cafe. I believe they put a lot of emphasis on local and organic fare, although I don't know if it's only that. The food is pretty good - not gourmet, but well prepared, tasty.

    1. Eastside Cafe on Manor Rd has a garden, on site, that is nice to stroll through. If you're going at lunch, try making a reservation to cut down on the wait. Wink on Lamar Blvd. is another restaurant that features local food. The tasting menu with wine pairings in the evening is incredible. The dishes show subtlety with many layers of taste. They use salt well. The wine pairings are what I look for: the food and the wine sort of meld and become a whole new flavor.

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        Also... Opal Devine's, Whole Foods Market, Mother's Cafe (after they re-open) and Kerbey Lane Cafe. RuBy's BBQ on Guadalupe has natural beef.

      2. Never been, but there's a macrobiotic place over on Toomey called Casa de Luz ( ).

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          Definitely check out Eastside Cafe especially for brunch on Saturday and Sunday. You have to try the blueberry blintzes, they are heavenly. They have a nice big garden where some of their produce comes from. They also compost all of their kitchen scraps for their garden. Really nice, laid back environment.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions! I can't wait to go try all these places.

          I actually just happened to drive by East Side Cafe today and noticed their beautiful garden!

          1. Try the Farmer's Market on 290 South in the Toney Burger Center Parking Lot. It opens around 9:00 am every Saturday. Several restuarants and food entrepreneurs bring their goodies to the market. Don't neglect the "roast chicken man" truck with fresh organic spring chickens roasted on site,