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May 21, 2007 03:37 PM

Fever Tree Ginger Ale - where to buy it?

I'm looking for Fever Tree Ginger Ale that I read about on KQED Food Blog. It sounds Great!
Seems to be a product of London. Sent an email to find out where to get it. Anyone seen it?

Website on it:

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  1. Just got 4 packs of the ginger ale and the bitter lemon this weekend. All flavors were on sale for $4.99 at BevMo in Colma (where Target is) as of Saturday. I also got a bottle of the Tanqueray Rangpur gin to mix with it like KQED suggested.

    1. I picked up the 4 pk of Fever Tree Ginger Ale & w/ the Club Bev card (free) in Fremont- it was $4.99 sale price before .16 CRV & tax. It's really tasty! Small bottles though only 6.8 Fl oz per bottle.

      Ingredients: spring water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural gingers, natural flavours, natural caramel

      calories: 71 per bottle, sodium: 4.8 mg; total carb: 17.38g, 5.8%; sugars: 17g; protein:0g