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May 21, 2007 03:30 PM

Need recommendations for great Yorkville lunch spot, please.

Hi, friends. I have a business contact coming in from, of all places, Ethiopia, for a lunch on Wendesday in the Yorkville area.

Need an early lunch sitting as he has a 3pm flight for Chicago.

Great food is the priority.

Thanks, from Oakville!


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  1. Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner is wonderful but may be hard to get a reservation. Pangaea is also very good, has a nice selection and smooth service. Neither are exactly in Yorkville, but are better than your Yorkville choices.

    1. Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons - let me them know about your 'timing' and they'll accomodate.

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        The Roof Top Lounge at the Hyatt is great...Pangea on Bay I agree ...Miranda