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Best Americanized Chineese food in Hwd, Weho, Silverlake?

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I have friends visiting from out of state and they want chineese food, but not SGV authentic. Think sweet and sour pork, chicken salad, egg foo young. Atmosphere counts as much as food. Thanks.

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  1. Check out Genghis Cohen. Good, strong drinks, too.

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      Good idea, thanks. I'm also thinking of Chi Dynasty in Los Feliz.

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        I second Chi Dynasty. My SO loves the sesame orange chicken and I like a number of the spicy dishes. And it's not cheesy at all. Just white tableclothes and decent food.

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          Personally I think Chi Dynasty is gross. Not that I would recommend it per se, but I think Le Oriental Bistro, 1710 N. Highland is better. And it's across the street from Hollywood and Highland so you can visit there at the same time.

      1. i don't know if you're willing to come to north glendale/montrose, but the sun palace on verdugo near honolulu definately fits the bill. one of my favorites. solid drinks as well.

        1. China Bistro on Santa Monica at Fairfax, same shopping center as Whole Foods: not the overdone Hollywood Chinoiserie ambience that a tourist is looking for, but they've got some of the decor. Clean inside, polite service, food's not great, but not bad either. Easy on the wallet.

          There's a place on Melrose (north side) just west of Highland, I forget the name, haven't been, but hear it's pretty Hollywood-movie-set Chinese.

          Formosa on Santa Monica just past La Brea might be the ticket for ambience too. Supposedly it was a good place for celeb sightings - a touristy plus!

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            Red Pearl Kitchen is the one on Melrose near Highland.

          2. PF Changs in Beverly Center or Red Pearl Kitchen on Melrose.