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May 21, 2007 03:13 PM

One dinner in Detroit

Hey everyone
My husband and I are visiting next weekend and we want to have a memorable meal! We have a 5 month old baby, so it's been a while since we've had a nice dinner out and since we're visiting grandma and grandpa, we figure this is a good time to get out there.

We were thinking of Tribute, but we only have Sun night and they aren't open that night. Any recommendations? We've been to Atlas downtown and thought it was pretty good, but want to try something new. We'll be in Plymouth but we'd be willing to drive for a really good place with a grown-up atmosphere and not too "clubby" or singles-y, if you know what I mean.

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  1. The Whitney is open Sunday night, and it's in a really eye-popping old lumber mansion. The place recently changed ownership, and the new incarnation has been well-reviewed in the papers but apparently not yet visited by Chowhounders. It looks like I'm going Thursday for lunch, however, and I will report back on my initial impressions. It has always been a good pick for Sundays, when many of the other fine-dining places are closed. Web: . . . bone appetite, as they say at the dog track.

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      Let us know how it is. I've heard great things thusfar, but look forward to a yummy recap/review.

    2. The Earle in Ann Arbor is open Sundays, very grown up atmosphere, and only a stone's throw away from Plymouth

      1. Two well-reviewed spots, on the high end, are in the Renaissance Center/GM HQ. Coach Insignia is Matt Prentice's high-end restaurant--chop house-y, well executed food with great views of Detroit and Windsor. Also in the building Seldom Blues, sophisticated decor with greatfood and some of the best jazz in the city. I haven't checked if they're open, but because there's a hotel in the building, my guess is they are. Let us know where you end up! Enjoy Motown!

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          thanks everyone. Let me know how The Whitney is! Would we need to get pretty dressed up? I ask because in Seattle, you can go pretty much anywhere "sorta" dressed up.

          PS---Looks like The Earle isn't open on Sundays, at least according to their website.

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            OK, so we're still trying to figure this out. Any other ideas for places you really like near Plymouth? Or even downtown? I actually like going downtown (call me crazy!)
            thanks Michigan helpers!

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              In Plymouth, we liked 5ive in St. John's Inn at 5Mile and Sheldon. It's a very pretty setting and the food was pretty good when we last visited more than a year ago.
              Downtown DTW - I'd go to Mosaic in Greektown. They're open on Sunday.

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                aaustin: How about Eve in Ann Arbor? if you like food that's a little bit out there (think strong flavors, like a great curry seafood pasta), you'll love it. Very foodie place. Check menus at Mosaic in Greektown Detroit has been well reviewed on this board, but I haven't tried it. For something a little more downscale but really superb, try Slows BBQ in Detroit,

                qtpie: Sorry, I'm not going to the Whitney tomorrow--my friend wants to eat outdoors. I'll try it soon, though!