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May 21, 2007 02:40 PM

Great Baked Goods in OC?

All the fancy bakeries I know are in LA. All the really great ethnic bakeries I know are in the Valley (with a few in the SGV). But now I live in OC.

I've found Blackmarket Bakery, which is at various farmers' markets (Tustin, Irvine and CM, I believe) and has really great, imaginative stuff (lime-coconut croissants, YUM)...

...but where else are the great baked goods? I can certainly get my fill of light, airy, rice-ridden baguettes two for $1 anywhere in Little Saigon, but where do I get pastry?

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  1. Village Bakery in costa mesa was good, excellent pain au chocolate and a nice fennel & raisin loaf. so naturally it shut down. :(

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      Haven't tried any of them for myself, but Katella Deli is supposedly very good--they look great, at least.

      1. re: Evan G

        Katella isn't bad. My mom always grabs an eclair and a pastry when we hit a deli of any kind and Katella was no exception. The sandwiches aren't on par with some of the stuff in LA (but when comparing to Langer's, is it really fair?) but she enjoyed her treats and I had a tasty chocolate chip scone-ish pastry. Sorry for the poor description, but she's a much bigger dessert person than me.

      2. re: missholmes

        It did ? That's too bad - though it makes sense, as it's main purpose seems to have been as the baking arm of the Goodell's restaurant group, and they've mainly decamped to LA. Sad, at least for those of us behind the Orange Curtain.

      3. I have been very pleased with Cakes and Brownies I have tried from Rockwell's Bakery in Villa Park. It has a good reputation with locals (of which I am no longer) and is typically crowded on weekends for breakfast. They have a restaurant in addition to the bakery.

        Whether this translates to the types of baked goods you crave, I can't confirm. But their cakes are a significant leap beyond many others I've had in OC. Cake texture is good and I have found the frosting/filling amounts to be appropriate.


        If you'll be in that area, maybe try the bakery which is in the small side building at Moreno's? This is the historic Mexican restaurant in the El Modena area of Orange on Chapman Ave. I attended a party there yesterday and had never seen the bakery before, but they had a nice LOOKING (didn't TASTE, so no sponsorship here!) selection of Mexican pastries and were very crowded early in the morning when I stopped in to drop off a cake.


        When I was young, I always enjoyed pastries from Katella Deli's bakery. We're going back a good 15 years or so here, so that might be a good try. Located on Katella near the border of Los Alamitos and Cypress.

        1. Have you checked out Sarkis Pastry next to the Zankou at Anaheim? I can't resist those sugar syrup laden middle eastern goodies, as well as their European cakes/cookies.

          Also a branch of JJ Bakery at Irvine if you are into the really light type of asian style pastries: 15333 Culver Dr Ste 660

            1. re: JAB

              Zov's in tustin has a very good bakery. The tarts are amazing.

              1. re: dagrassroots

                Two that I frequent are:

                Judy Lynn Bakery
                113 E Commonwealth Ave
                Fullerton, California 92832

                Poul's Danish-American Bakery
                770 N Tustin St, Orange, CA

                I've heard they're both owned by the same family, but don't
                know that for a fact.

                Both have very good rolls, danish and breads.

                1. re: Just Cid

                  I went to Poul's today... the pastry selection looked very, very tempting, but I had to limit myself. I will have to go back when we need bread, their breads look very good. It reminds me of Berolina, but bigger, Danish rather than Swedish, and much more industrial-looking.

              2. If you're looking for eclairs and napoleons, try the good ol' La Palma Chicken Pie shop in Anaheim on Euclid. The cakes were also good as I recall.