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May 21, 2007 02:26 PM

Sonoma Dinner: Cafe la Haye, Harvest Moon Cafe, or Della Santina?

Please help!! I need to narrow down to one of the above due to time constraints:( Which has nice ambiance AND great food?

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  1. I'd vote for Harvest Moon Cafe, although the ambiance may or may not meet your definition of 'nice'. Great food, definitely. They do have a patio that would definitely be nice in good weather. Here is my fairly recent report:

    I like Della Santina well enough, but don't find it compelling; I'd call it good but not great and the atmosphere is pleasant but not memorable. Haven't yet made it to Cafe la Haye, but I believe they have had some recent chef or management changes.

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      I agree with the sentiment on Della Santina. What about the patio at Girl & the Fig? I just got back from Sonoma - weather up there is beautiful, eating on the patio should be perfect!

    2. I've had half-a-dozen meals at Della Santina and half were great and the other half, quite mediocre = too inconsistent. My fav in Sonoma is The General's Daughter; stunning food, great ambience (restored Victorian), and perfect service.

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