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May 21, 2007 02:19 PM

Orange for Dinner?

Has anyone been to the brunch hotspot - Orange - for dinner? Will they allow you to order from the breakfast menu at dinner?

I've tried going here many, many times and have never been able to wait long enough...

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  1. It is a different menu at dinner. 4 of us went a month ago, and everything was very tasty. I had filet and it was a monster. Skipped dessert, but BYOB'd plenty, even a bottle of Dom. I'd definitely go back if there weren't so many other places I'd like to try first.

    1. this doesn't directly answer your question but I've been to Orange on Harrison a couple times and haven't had to wait at all. even on the weekends. I went around 1pm on a Saturday.

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        Thanks for the tip. I may have to check that one out because the Clark location is out of control.

      2. Just to note - the location on Harrison is not open for dinner. The original on Clark is, and according to Metromix, dinner hours are planned for the new location on Roscoe shortly after its upcoming opening.