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May 21, 2007 02:19 PM

GE Recall on Dishwashers

Read about it there. Dishwashers with rinse dispensers made between 1997 and 2001 are a fire hazzard. The rinse aid can build up and start a fire. The are offering a free fix or rebates on replacements. They say do not run the dishwasher when you are asleep or out of the house.

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  1. Same thing happened with Maytag (though they could be the same manufacturer, not sure about that)

    1. Years ago I saw a segment on, I think 60 Minutes, about how frequently homes go up in flames due to clothes dryers that are being operated while people are asleep, or away from home. The fire official interviewed recommended not running any appliance while you are asleep or away. I thought, ok, but what about the fridge?

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        I had a house fire 17 years ago that the ins. co. wnated to blame on the dryer. It proved not to be so, we srill had fuses in the laundry room and old panneling. A fuse blew up, caught the linen place mats i had sitting on top of the dryer which ignited the old panneling which became instant tender and 45 mins. I came home to fire trucks and 1/3 less house.

      2. About 2 months ago our GE dishwasher went belly up and I went out and bought a Bosch. While taking the GE out I noticed the wire nuts connecting it to power had melted and it was a wonder there wasn't a fire. Now if they only had this recall 2 months ago it may have done me some good.

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        1. re: Eric in NJ

          I just saw a consumers report yesterday and they recommended GE, Hotpoint and
          sears kenmore dishwasher to do the job. and alsp refrigerators. I went to appliance
          repairs school years ago and I was told if you stay with the big three you more than
          likely won`t go wrong, GE, kenmore and Maytag. I and for advice on running a
          appliance while your gone from the house, is just like leaveing the house while you
          are cooking. not good. anything can happen. just use a little common since.

        2. I'm confused. Is this a recent recall or something from the past? Because Five years ago we were notified by our condo assoc. about this problem and the fix or rebate offer by GE. I chose to buy a new Bosch at the time.

          1. Ironic - I've had good luck w/ my GE appliances (washer, microwave, and stove). I hated my Maytag washer and dishwasher. A class action suit on the washer won us gift certificates good for another Maytag appliance, but I wouldn't have another one in my house for free!