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May 21, 2007 02:09 PM

Lunch near Prospect Park or Coney Island

I'll be in Manhattan for a few days at the end of June, and plan to head to Brooklyn one day to play disc golf at Prospect Park, then possibly to Coney Island for the afternoon. Are there good lunch options around either place, and is Coney Island even worth visiting? If so, should I plan to have a dog there?
Anything else I should do while in Brooklyn?

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  1. You should definitely go to Coney Island, since this is probably the last year for the "real" Coney before they tear much of it down in a sadly misguided (IMO) stab at gentrification. And while you're there you should definitely get a dog or 2 at Nathan's. Just the dogs and some fries and a drink - don't be lured by anything else on their menu. Then you can go get some clams or candy or soft serve elsewhere, walk the boardwalk, enjoy the ocean breeze, and have fun watching a lot of regular New Yorkers having a good time. Maybe walk east down the boardwalk to Brighton Beach for some Russian food.

    Where in Prospect Park do they play disc golf? The park is huge and abuts several different neighborhoods, so it would be much easier to give you some tips for where to go if we knew where in the park you were going to be.

    What else do you like to do? Brooklyn is a huge city of 2.5 million people that has just about everything.

    1. If you can gobble down the whole pie, Totonno's pizzeria on Neptue has the best pizza in New York. I guess Coney Island is worth visiting just to say you went there - it's basically just another cheesy ride park. If it was situated.. say in Buffalo, you wouldn't give it a second look.

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        Except that it's the original "cheesy ride park," and one of the last remaining ones (well, until the end of this summer) of the pre-theme park, independent operators, type, with many historic rides and attractions (the Cyclone alone makes it well worth going there IMO). Not to mention the original hot dog stand, Nathan's (well it was really Feltman's, but Nathan's descends pretty directly from them).

        Agreed on Totonno's pie, but what is it with the often nasty service there?

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          Pardon the interruption, folks, but in order to keep these forums chowcentric, please limit your commentary in this thread to the chow near Coney Island and Prospect Park and eschew discussion of the amusement park rides and attractions.

          Thank you.

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            oops! sorry, knew it belonged within non-food subjects as soon as I was down the hall. In Coney he should go to Nathan's and other places. In Park Slope he should go to Bonnie's (unless he's already from Buffalo), and other places.

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            I think the rude service is part of the "Brooklyn experience." I simply disregard it, because.. well, I am used to it, living in that part of Brooklyn. I just banter back, and all is fine. To keep this more chow oriented, I can second the recommendation for walking up boardwalk to check out the Russian restaurants. All of them have boardwalk tables, which is cool. I recommend Tatyana - the food in other places is not that good. You can also stroll on Brighton Beach avenue itself for more Russian places. I recommend walking into International - it's the biggest Russian food store, quite an experience.

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              I lived in Brooklyn for over a decade, including parts pretty close to that part of the borough (Ave. P near the F train), so I'm pretty used to the back-and-forth of service there. It's almost always really just good-natured playing around. But I have rarely encountered anyone as determinedly rude, and almost resentful of customers, as that lady at Totonno's. Sometimes you get good service there, and you pretty much always get a good to great pie, but if she's in the store look out. I don't think it has anything to do with being in or from Brooklyn, because most Brooklynites don't act that way.

        2. I agree that it depends on where in Prospect Park you'll be playing disc golf, but I would like to recommend Ali's Roti Shop, I went once last summer and it was delish! Here's a little write-up on gothamist:
          Also, another good thing to know is if you're going to be in Prospect Park on a Saturday you can grab food at the Farmer's Market at Grand Army Plaza. There's a ton of vendors and some sell prepared things like veggie pizzas and focaccia, or you can get baked goods if you want something for a snack or breakfast. Also if you're starving for a big meal and don't mind walking a bit, you're always close to Park Slope and 5th and 7th aves have tons of restaurants.

          Lastly, I can't help but recommend Island Village Cafe, which is slightly more in my neighborhood than Park Adjacent. Their veggie carribean food is amazing, and everyone working there is so nice. Here's another link from NY Mag that includes Island Village and some other places near the park:

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            Is Coney Island even worth visiting! That question should be banned! Of course it is! Go to Nathans and if u want more upscale go to Gargulios! Walk around a bit, get a cotton candy and enjoy the scenery!

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              Does Gargulios still have that octopus hanging?