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May 21, 2007 01:47 PM

uses for kosher for passover mayo

i have some kosher for passover mayo that i'd love to get rid of in a way that does not involve throwing the whole thing in the garbage. any tips for dishes in which i can incorporate (read "just about totally disguise") some of it? lowfat recipes are preferred, even though i know i may have to make a lot of dishes to get rid of the 8-12 oz. of mayo i still have remaining.

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  1. I gave up trying to find uses for this stuff last year. It's not worth the storage space. Don't ruin good food with it.
    Throw it away, and buy yourself some Hellman's and be happy. . I made it through Pesach this year without the mayo.
    Chalk it up as a learning experience. Don't worry, no guilt, move on......
    take care, p.j.

    1. We use very little mayo throughout the year but every year the Spouse feels compelled to buy at least one, and sometimes, two 32 oz. jars of that nasty stuff. P.J. is right. Just chuck it. Same thing with the KP ketchup. That bottle is still haunting my fridge. Heinz will be giving it the boot tonight.

      1. I've never had the stuff (I usually stick to my matza pizzas). Why is it so horrible?

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          My personal theory is the bad oil, probably cottonseed. My theory is based on the strange taste of the K for P salads my DH feels compelled to buy- like whitefish and baba ganouj, which are made with cottonseed il.
          I don't know- I can live without this stuff for 8 days. Matzah pizza, with a little good K for P olive oil, under the sauce and cheese is great.
          I am currently on a small rant against prepared foods. Despite that, our family does like the KP ketchup: slightly sweet. But Heinz is served alongside after Pesach.
          take care, p.j.

          1. re: thunderbug84

            i don't know the answer to your question, but trust me, it sucks. as for the catsup, although it ain't heinz 57 (my gold standard), the brand we bought this last passover (can't recall it offhand) was not that bad.

          2. not ultra low-fat, but maybe a bit of it as a binding agent in salmon patties? (the salmon taste is strong enough that it might overcome the oil in the mayo)