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May 21, 2007 01:46 PM

Ruby Foo's

Was in NYC on Saturday and decided to try Ruby Foo's in Times Square - it was awful - food was cold, service was slow...basically a very expensive lunch that was bad. Yes I know that Chinatown would have been the better place, but we ran out of time. Regretting decision but back in Toronto where I can get the same meal HOT and cheaper.

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  1. Even in that area, there are better choices for Chinese, like the vastly superior Wu Liang Ye or even the new Ollie's Sichuan. Ruby Foo's is the embodiment of a tourist trap as just about anyone on this board could have told you - all overpriced sizzle and no steak; sorry you got caught.

    1. I went there for my birthday a few years ago (the one near times sq) and my friend found a piece of metal in her dish. On the bright side, they brought us every dessert on the menu to make up for it. Also, although the food is mediocre at best, I will say that the eggplant side/app (?) is wonderful.

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        my boyfriend and i recently went for dinner at the ruby foo's location on the UWS - it is FAR superior to the times square location. our food was FABULOUS, the waitstaff was very helpful, and we were seated at a great table. i'd definitely recomment the UWS location any day...

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          I actually enjoy both Ruby Foos (and don't really see a difference between them). But then again I stick to sushi, the fabulous cashew/pineapple rice and app's. But I find it a bit expensive for what it is.