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May 21, 2007 01:42 PM

Mail Order "Gourmet" Meals

Has anyone had any good luck with some of the catalog/internet meals sent frozen by mail? I've tried Home Bistro that advertises on Epicurious. The food was within acceptable limits in terms of cost, quality and nutrition, but grossly underseasoned rather small portions.

I'm not interested in the diet-controlled meals like Jenny Craig or Seattle Sutton, but rather, well-prepared tasty, well-balanced meals that I can grab on the run when time is short. I'm rather more of a chowhound than a Hamberger Helper gal and I'm not likely to run into a Micky D unless I really have to.

Anyone tried any of the services out there-- Gourmet Station, Impromptu Gourmet, others -- with any luck?

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  1. I've tried more than 30 dishes from Home Bistro and like you, found most way too bland.

    However, I found the following few very tasty: rack of lamb, baby back ribs, lobster-seafood stew, seafood champagne and the crab-stuffed omelet.

    Impromptu Gourmet, to me, has better overall quality. Ones I've liked are the tempura shrimp, hazelnut-blue cheese halibut, chicken with morel sauce (especially good), chicken marasala, smoked baby back ribs, tiramisu and the gourmet canape assortment (also especially good).

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