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Keller's Drive In (DAL)

Went to Keller's on Northwest Hwy the other weekend.

I've gotta say, I loved everything about this place. Loved the dumpy building, the semi-seedy atmosphere, the waitresses and the crowd. Where else can you go for a drive-in burger and have a beer or two with it? Burger was tasty and nice and greasy and I think a pretty good value. Fries were ok, hot but not that crispy. Next time I think I'll ask if I can get them well done, and no tomato on my burger.

Like I said, I loved everything about it. Sure, it wasn't the best burger in town, but it sure as heck tasted good and put it together with the whole scene and I was one happy girl.

Any other opinions out there?

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  1. Agree.

    I remember really liking their tater tots.

    1. very apt description of Keller's ........I agree too . And agree about the tater tots . I think you will enjoy Jake's for burgers and beers and tots .

      1. Yep it's all about the number 5 and tots. My dog gets a burger with double tomato (shih-tzus love tomato)

        1. I live 5 minutes from Keller's and drive by it all the time but I've never tried it. I always thought you needed a bazooka and an armful of tattoos to go there ;-)

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            They aren't required, but suggested. ;-)
            Seriously...go try it. It's a fun experience. Mr B and I ate for 9 bucks...two double cheeseburgers, large fries, two drinks.

          2. It's a pretty good burger, but I too get the tots (usually do whenever they are offered). If you are into cars and motorcycles, there is usually quite a show on the weekends. It's like stepping back in time to be at the car hop. Bring your earplugs

            1. Love Keller's! I'm also a big fan of Jake's which is pretty much the same menu and about a mile north on Skillman (just north of the Skillman/Abrams intersection).

              The tater tots and onion rings are better than the fries. Tots with cheese are even better!

              On Saturdays, all the hot rod enthusiasts gather at Keller's. It's tons of fun to go and eat and look at all the cool cars.

              1. question for everyone: on Lemmon there's a place called Keller's Cactus Jacks (or something to that effect). Does this place have any relationship with the Keller's drive-up?

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                  I believe Kellers, Jakes and Keller's Cactus Jack are all owned by various members of the same family. the burgers, and menu are all pretty similar.

                  1. re: Maynerd

                    You are right except that Jake Keller sold the one on Skillman ....

                  2. re: gavlist

                    What about the Keller's on Harry Hines north of UTSouthwestern?

                    1. Yes! Keller's is one of a kind and the burgers are great. Their onion rings are also terrific.

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                        keller's is a down home version of a sonic. burgers are almost identical w/ the extra thin patty, chopped lettuce, etc. jake's burgers have big, juicy patties and can be dressed up to be a 'gourmet burger' i believe they have poppy seed buns and their 'shroom and swiss burgers are heavenly and quite the value. the onion rings are good too.

                        1. re: adkim

                          Jake's definitely has poppy seed buns. They had a problem with their supplier at one point and there was a big sign bemoaning the lack of poppy seeds and promising their prompt return.

                          Don't remember if Keller's has poppy seed buns or not, but I imagine they do.

                          I get a Jake's single and tots with cheese (A Jake's special is a double double with thousand island, lettuce, and tomato. I get the single patty version.). And they have really good fountain cokes. Plenty of CO2 and crushed ice. Jake's also keeps dog treats on hand so if you go through the drive-thru with your dog in the car, doggie gets a treat.

                          Best of all, they sell beer by the six and twelve pack and case at competitive prices.

                          Their chicken fingers are pretty good as well (child prefers chicken to burgers at Jake's).

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                            Sorry adkim , but can't agree with that.....keller's and jake's food taste good , while sonic's food doesn't have any taste at all .

                            1. re: pinotho

                              please don't misinterpret my comparison of keller's and sonic. i never said they tasted the same or if sonic even tastes good...they just have a similar menu and and a similar burger style. (keller's and sonic) but to put it quite frankly...i eat keller's once every couple of month's, but i never really thought of it as anything special...just nostalgic.

                        2. Love, love, love Keller's and Jake's. Both small, seedy, dingy, and delicious. You just can't beat a burger like that!

                          1. I tried Keller's for the first time today. Not just a good burger, a very good burger. It had the appeal of an in-n-out burger without all the hygiene and safety. Seriously, It's a standard griddle burger with a little unique flavor from the sauce and the wonderful seeded buns. As an extra, it's well constructed and the meat has the texture of a steakburger, setting it apart from the likes of Whataburger and Sonic. I might not put it in a list of the top 20 in the country as GQ did (http://men.style.com/gq/features/full...), but maybe the best overall burger value in the metroplex.

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                            1. re: kindofabigdeal

                              Whoa, on par with an In-N-Out burger? I'll have to try it to believe it.

                              Do you think a Keller's burger it is on par with Jake's? I'm a big fan of the seeded bun and I don't understand why more places don't use them.

                              1. re: Scagnetti

                                No way. Not even close to In-N-Out. Burger Street is the closest to In-N-Out in Dallas as far as my opinion is worth.

                                1. re: adkim

                                  to clarify, I was mostly comparing styles. It's hard to say which is better. I think it depends on the mood. I like Burger Street quite a bit, but I don't believe they are similar styles. Burger street isn't exactly a thick patty, but it's far more substantial than In-n-out. I haven't had Jake's yet, so I guess I have a mission.

                            2. I just went to Keller's about 3 weeks ago or so.. The burger's weren't that huge but very very tastey. I rolled up on my crotch rocket and felt a little outta place but I didn't mind. I was there cuz I had heard the burgers were delicious.. I'd have to agree....

                              1. I just don't get this. Nothing against Keller's (I live less than a mile away and I am a fan of Jake's), but neither is particularly good. Fine for what they are fast and greasey food, but nothing else.

                                Sorry to disagree with all the reviews, but I have heard this since we moved to Lake Highlands and have never understood.

                                That said, I would certainly choose over Sonic!!

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                                1. re: cbs2528

                                  I live in the White Rock area and Jake's is my go to hamburger place.

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                                    I gotta agree too. You can get the same kind of burger all over Dallas. It's ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at Keller's. For an average run of the mill burger, you could do worse but it doesn't deserve all the praise. And of course it's miles above Sonic.