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May 21, 2007 01:24 PM

Keller's Drive In (DAL)

Went to Keller's on Northwest Hwy the other weekend.

I've gotta say, I loved everything about this place. Loved the dumpy building, the semi-seedy atmosphere, the waitresses and the crowd. Where else can you go for a drive-in burger and have a beer or two with it? Burger was tasty and nice and greasy and I think a pretty good value. Fries were ok, hot but not that crispy. Next time I think I'll ask if I can get them well done, and no tomato on my burger.

Like I said, I loved everything about it. Sure, it wasn't the best burger in town, but it sure as heck tasted good and put it together with the whole scene and I was one happy girl.

Any other opinions out there?

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  1. Agree.

    I remember really liking their tater tots.

    1. very apt description of Keller's ........I agree too . And agree about the tater tots . I think you will enjoy Jake's for burgers and beers and tots .

      1. Yep it's all about the number 5 and tots. My dog gets a burger with double tomato (shih-tzus love tomato)

        1. I live 5 minutes from Keller's and drive by it all the time but I've never tried it. I always thought you needed a bazooka and an armful of tattoos to go there ;-)

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          1. re: Scagnetti

            They aren't required, but suggested. ;-)
            Seriously...go try it. It's a fun experience. Mr B and I ate for 9 bucks...two double cheeseburgers, large fries, two drinks.

          2. It's a pretty good burger, but I too get the tots (usually do whenever they are offered). If you are into cars and motorcycles, there is usually quite a show on the weekends. It's like stepping back in time to be at the car hop. Bring your earplugs