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May 21, 2007 01:16 PM

Fresh Garbanzo Beans

I was interested in purchasing some fresh green garbanzo beans to try out and I was wondering where to get them in the Seattle area? I heard a rumor that they may be available at Pike's Place Market? Are fresh garbanzo beans common? Does anyone know how long you can typically buy them for?


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  1. i've bought them at the columbis city farmers market .. but i think it was at least july

    1. Yum! I'm going to have to watch for these this year... My goal is to visit the Columbia City market. I do not remember seeing these at the W.Seattle market ever... Keeping my eyes peeled though. Let us know what you think of them.

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        I'd never seen them before (admittedly, I hadn't been looking), but spotted some at Pike Place Market last weekend. Check out the stand on the corner, a few doors down from Left Bank Books.

        1. re: Snapdragon

          Thanks for the info! I found the fresh garbanzo beans at the Pike Place Market, the stand on the corner by Left Bank Books like Snapdragon said. The vendor said they'd have them pretty much for the next month. I thought that they were delicious! I made a snack out of them with a little curry powder, lemon juice, salt & pepper and tumeric. The beans were better when the outside skin/shell was more of a beige color than green (I'm assuming they weren't ripe yet).

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            Fresh garbanzo beans, green, in the pods are the best to eat! You pull the pods off the bush and put them in a deep frying pan with a little water, (enough to fill the bottom of the pan) and about 3 or 4 teaspoons of salt and cook on medium high until the water is gone, stiring frequently. You eat them fresh out of the pods! They are AWSOME!!! If you go deep into mexico, you will see these sold by vendors on the street around November/December. They are called Wazannas there. Anyway, truely the best veggie I have EVER tasted. I live in Wyoming and can never find fresh garbonzos to cook. I have tried to grow them this summer and only got a few pods, enough to make my mouth water. If anyone reads this and gives it a try, I promise, you wont be sorry. They are truely amazing!!!

      2. If you send me your address I'll ship some to you when they are ready to harvest- I'm outside of pullman in the heart of garbanzo bean territory.

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          Hey, this is a very old thread, I understand that. But I am so very fond of these green beans in the pod that I can eat them all the time. Hey, jameshig, would you know if I can find them in Everett or around?