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May 21, 2007 12:55 PM

RUB or Blue Smoke?

Looking for a yummy BBQ restaurant. Was wondering which you guys thought was better? Or any other suggestions, besides Dinosaur- I've been there too many times... Thanks!

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    1. Lived near both and got takeout many times. For plain food, RUB blows Blue Smoke away. The latter is better only if you care about decor.

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      1. re: a_and_w

        ditto. I've had a couple of bad rounds at Blue Smoke.

        1. re: a_and_w

          RUB can be great, depending on smoking time and cut of meat. It is wildly inconsistent. I have had BBQ there which rivals St. Louis and Kansas City, but other times it was undersmoked, too fatty and grisley, with no love or concern. I think it is fast on it's way to becoming a glorified bar-tourist-NYU student frat house to watch sports in.
          P.S.-the sausages (when they are good) are the best BBQ links in the city.

          1. re: rlk814

            daisy may's is fantastic. haven't tried RUB yet, but our recent meal at blue smoke was great. the beef ribs and the brisket were very good, while the pork ribs were a bit less exciting. solid sides, and if you're a hush puppie fan then you'll be thrilled. we ended up spending the same as for the much more casual meals we had fette sau and smoke joint. that was the part that really surprised me, especially as we had more food at blue smoke.

            1. re: rlk814

              Daisy Mae makes a fantastic spice coating/rub but they also undersmoke compared to what is standard in the south. New Yorkers think that they have to taste more meat than smoke, when the goal is clearly a synoptic blend worthy of angel drool.

            2. We are writing about RUB this week, coincidentally. Short version: we really like it, especially the burnt end dinner. Blue Smoke is good, as well, so I'm not going to take sides here.



              1. I like RUB better than Blue Smoke. To be fair, I've only eaten at BS once & RUB 30+ times. I get the beef brisket w/baked beans & onion strings most of the time. They have a smoked turkey breast that is very good. The pulled pork is ok-I usually judge bbq joints by the quality of pp sandwiches but RUB's beef brisket is so much better than anyone elses I generally stick to that. The one time I ate at BS it came off as a highend TGIF. Granted the food was better-I had the pulled pork but I haven't been back since.
                I'm also not a huge Daisy Mae fan-don't like mustard sauce mixed in w/pulled pork but I'm rather particular & only like the sweet bbq sauce...