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May 21, 2007 12:50 PM

Almond Extract, Cake Flour, and Gelatin in Seattle

Are there any stores in Seattle that sell almond extract, cake flour, and gelatin at an affordable price. I've seen all three at my local Safeway but I'm just wondering if there is somewhere I can go to get a better deal.

I know Penzey's carries almond extract but the $5 shipping kills the deal for me. And I've looked at Trader Joes to no avail. If there are no other options then I will just pick these things up at Safeway.


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  1. I can't think of a store that doesn't sell those things. Maybe do some calling to compare prices.......

    1. I think you could find good deals on each of those ingredients at a Cash n' Carry.

      1. Do you really use enough of any of these products to worry about the prices? You must be baking up a storm...

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        1. re: BruceB

          It was more out of curiosity, I was just wondering where people usually buy these ingredients (if there were any specialty baking stores or buy in bulk in Seattle). I really like almond extract and plan to use lots of cake flour for experimentation. I'll look into Cash n' Carry. Thanks!

          1. re: Amy_C

            You can get that stuff at DeLaurenti's, if you want to pay out the nose. Also, there's Home Decorating Cake Supply Co. near Northgate. They don't have super high quality ingredients, but they have a lot of fun stuff & the lady that works there is really nice. She has great tips, and she helped re-create my parents wedding cake from a photo!

            1. re: ccqueen

              Home Cake is on Roosevelt, just north of 95th. Open Tuesday through Saturday.

              1. re: ccqueen

                Ahh, Home Decorating Cake Supply Co. I visited that place a few months ago and fell in love! It's a somewhat chaotic shop, but she carries everything. I was just browsing for mini cupcake tins but overheard her give instructions on how to bake a wedding cake for 200 people to another shopper. Gave detailed instructions, didn't upsell crap the gal didn't need, etc. I've turned a couple of others on to her shop too.

                1. re: stolenchange

                  Sounds great, I'll check it out. Thanks!

          2. Big John's PFI is a place to check, for sure.
            Inscrutably erratic offerings at great prices and sometimes just exactly the thing you didn't understand you needed.

            1001 6th Ave S. level B NOTE: one-pound minimum on cheese
            Seattle, WA 98134