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Romanian Pastrami

Bluebird May 21, 2007 12:46 PM

Posting for a friend who wants to find Romanian Pastrami like she use to get at Stan Slaters in Brookline. Any suggestions?

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  1. gini RE: Bluebird May 21, 2007 01:35 PM

    Places that have it on their menu:
    Boston Kebab House
    Sandwich Express

    I find this hard to believe though cause I always thought Romanian Pastrami was pork, no?

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    1. re: gini
      gourmaniac RE: gini May 21, 2007 01:42 PM

      michael's in coolidge corner. roumanian pastrami is also beef brisket not pork.

      1. re: gourmaniac
        gini RE: gourmaniac May 21, 2007 01:46 PM

        Ah, beef brisket. Interesting.

      2. re: gini
        MOREKASHA RE: gini May 21, 2007 01:43 PM

        Don't know what gives in Boston, but here in NYC Rumanian Pastrami is sort of redundant. While Pastrami may not have been invented in Rumania, the Rumanian/Bessarabian Jews made it popular.

        1. re: MOREKASHA
          gini RE: MOREKASHA May 21, 2007 01:45 PM

          True enough, but Romanians also have a knack for pastrami-ing several cuts of meat including sheep and pork. When I see Romanian Pastrami on Rubin's and Zaftig's menus, I have to assume redundancy also.

      3. 9
        9lives RE: Bluebird May 21, 2007 01:49 PM

        Best pastrami; Rumanian or otherwise that I've found in Boston is at Sam LaGrassa's Deli on Province St..off downtown xing..weekdays..lunch only

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        1. re: 9lives
          Ralphie_in_Boston RE: 9lives Mar 18, 2008 02:12 PM

          I second Sam LaGrassa's. I head there for Pastrami whenever I'm in that area during weekday lunchtime, which isn't often enough.

        2. croutonweb RE: Bluebird May 22, 2007 08:05 AM

          Hole in the Wall deli at 125 Summer Street had delectable juicy Romanian pastrami, but it was only available on certain days. Note: this was ~7 years ago. I don't even know if the place exists anymore.

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          1. re: croutonweb
            9lives RE: croutonweb May 22, 2007 08:13 AM

            I was a regular at Hole in the Wall at the previous location. They were literally a hole in the wall on the street west of Devonshire..where the back of Elepahant and Castle is now. I used to get a pastrami and a corned beef sandwich..and go halfsies with a coworker.

            Hole in the Wall was very good; but I think they've been gone for a while.

          2. e
            edgewater RE: trufflehound May 23, 2007 09:03 PM

            Joan and Ed's on Route 9 in Natick in the shopping center where The Christmas Tree Shop is across from the Natick Mall.....oh, excuse me, I mean the Natick Collection.

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            1. re: edgewater
              Ralphie_in_Boston RE: edgewater Mar 18, 2008 02:16 PM

              Yes, and while waiting for your sandwich to arrive you can read the paper placemat's description of what constitutes Roumanian pastrami vs. regular pastrami, according to their definitions anyway.

              1. re: edgewater
                helice08 RE: edgewater Apr 24, 2010 08:22 AM

                I have always loved the Romanian pastrami at Joan and Ed's. They have great knishes, also. Yum! I've been to Michael's, but not in a very long time. I think we are going to Joan and Ed's tonight. :)

              2. 9
                9lives RE: Bluebird May 24, 2007 11:46 AM

                All this talk about pastrami..:)



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                1. re: 9lives
                  hoplover RE: 9lives May 24, 2007 12:00 PM

                  In my opinion there is no such thing as good and delicious pastrami in this town. I have eaten at everywhere and more when it comes to deli. I was raised on it. Have the Carneige deli ship it to you. I have done it and it is delicious. It so sad that there is nothing like it here and please do not say Barry's deli because it is just not the same.

                  1. re: hoplover
                    9lives RE: hoplover May 24, 2007 12:11 PM

                    Sorry, but I don't agree with that opinion. Is LaGrassa's as good as Katz's? No..but it was "good and delicious."

                    BTW, I see plenty of posts on the NY board and other sites complaining that the Carnegie stinks..and is for tourists..:) Go figure.

                    Katz's is still king..and it's slated to close for a while.

                    1. re: 9lives
                      hoplover RE: 9lives May 24, 2007 03:28 PM

                      I know, I heard that about katz's. That is too bad. Carneige does have delicious pastrami sandwiches and it's what I always get. Their chopped liver is terrible. I heard that LaGrraasa's is very good from my dad and he would know. I just wish there was really good jewish deli here and there is not and I know this because I grew up here.

                      1. re: hoplover
                        9lives RE: hoplover May 24, 2007 05:03 PM

                        Sadly, the Jewish deli biz is a dying art. Great's like the 2nd Ave Deli closed last year. Now Katz's..and Stage and Carnegie are shells of their former selves.

                        In Boston, Stage (theater district) and Alan Dershowitz's Mavens in Harvard SQ closed in short time.

                        Katz's and 2nd Ave..economics..it's a lot easier to sell your building or convert to 10 or more $2mm condos..than sell 50 tons of corned beef and pastrami.

                        I take it you haven't eaten at LaGrassa's but your dad did.

                        Here's a deal you can't refuse..:)..next public CH event; you show up and I'll bring a pastrami sandwich for you from La Grassa...maybe 1/2..:) then we'll talk.

                        1. re: 9lives
                          Rubee RE: 9lives May 24, 2007 08:43 PM

                          Hey - even though I'm already a fan of LG, I want that offer too! ; )

                    2. re: hoplover
                      Dr.Jimbob RE: hoplover May 24, 2007 03:58 PM

                      I tend to agree with 9lives -- as an expat New Yorker, I used to parrot the mantra that there was no comparing Boston pastrami with NYC. While I do adore the Carnegie Deli (and have yet to make it out to Katz's), I do have to say that if you don't want to order delivery or schlep round trip to New York, that Sam La Grassa's will do right honorably in a pinch. And they actually do have what they call "Romanian pastrami" (though I think I like the traveler pastrami sandwich marginally better). Portion control is also closer to existent at Sam's.

                      1. re: Dr.Jimbob
                        heathermb RE: Dr.Jimbob May 25, 2007 08:36 AM

                        I have yet to try Sam La Grassa's, but do enjoy the pastrami at Michael's in Coolidge Corner...is SLG better?

                        1. re: heathermb
                          BobB RE: heathermb May 25, 2007 11:14 AM

                          Michael's flies their pastrami and corned beef in daily from New York. How is that different from having it shipped direct to your home?

                          1. re: BobB
                            SmokeDawg RE: BobB Sep 4, 2008 05:39 PM

                            First: why would one have to get deliveries on pastrami daily when the point of curing and smoking meat is to preserve it? Pastrami has a shelf live measured in months.
                            Second: flied in? As opposed to pony express? If it was trucked in from New York it would get here pretty much as fast.

                          2. re: heathermb
                            9lives RE: heathermb May 25, 2007 01:07 PM

                            I've never had the pastrami at Michael's.

                            I get the corned beef there. I think it is very comparable to SLG.

                        2. re: hoplover
                          Karl S RE: hoplover May 29, 2007 01:48 PM

                          Costco sells CD pastrami in double-packs.

                          1. re: Karl S
                            gltsoi RE: Karl S May 29, 2007 02:11 PM

                            yes, and it used to be great, but just recently they are selling it in new packaging advertising a "new leaner cut". Such sadness as the fat is what makes it tasty. I tried the new stuff and nowhere near as good. I won't be buying it again.

                            1. re: gltsoi
                              phatchris RE: gltsoi May 29, 2007 02:55 PM

                              Washington Deli and Arthurs both in Chelsea are pretty good and better then most other places IMO.

                              1. re: gltsoi
                                Karl S RE: gltsoi May 29, 2007 04:06 PM

                                Ach! What pastrami maven wants "lean" pastrami?...

                        3. s
                          STEVIEG RE: Bluebird Mar 18, 2008 10:45 AM

                          try fressners deli in randolph on tuesdays

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                          1. re: Cork
                            yumyum RE: Cork Mar 19, 2008 02:05 PM

                            True dat. I was lucky enough to eat this last summer in Montreal. BUT, if you factor in the cost of gas, that takes the sandwich to a little over $100. I think Sam La Grassa's or Micheal's might be more reasonable for people. :-p

                          2. g
                            grant.cook RE: Bluebird Mar 20, 2008 10:14 AM

                            How about Berezka Deli in Allston/Brighton.. I love their pickles, and everybody seems to talk in Slavic languages..

                            1. b
                              Bellacoolaman RE: Bluebird Sep 4, 2008 05:02 PM

                              This is joining in very late but I was just searching for Boston area pastrami and several comments got me reminiscing about another lost deli that no one had mentioned - Provizer's. It was out along Commonwealth Avenue well towards Newton Corner and just a tiny place in an old fashioned mini-mall. But the pastrami was supreb as was the chopped liver and, of course, the pickles. After many years absence from Boston I returned in 2006 and was heart-broken to see that Provizer's had disappeared. So too had Pick-a-Chick bagels and Jack & Marion's both of Coolidge Corner fame. Too darn many Gordon Ramsey Wannabees running the restaurants of beantown for my taste!

                              1. c
                                CollegeSolutions RE: Bluebird Sep 6, 2010 09:02 PM

                                Joan & Ed's in Metrowest has closed. We need a GOOD deli!!!!

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                                1. re: CollegeSolutions
                                  JoJo5 RE: CollegeSolutions Sep 7, 2010 08:49 AM

                                  Check the date of the entry previous to yours. You're responding to a 2 year old posting. No wonder they didn't know that Joan and Ed had closed.

                                2. p
                                  peckthebeak RE: Bluebird Aug 2, 2011 07:48 AM

                                  I recently moved to Boston from NYC. A Romanian Pastrami made from beef brisket is one of my favorite sandwiches. Easily, the best pastrami sandwich I've enjoyed in the Boston area (that also rivals the best of NYC) is at Neillio's Gourmet Kitchen, in Lexington, MA.

                                  The smoke is great and the meat has a beautiful sweet char/bark for extra flavor and texture. Not to mention, it has some good fat to it and not completely ultra lean (which makes it dry and flavorless) This sandwich was so good in fact, it inspired me to write a post.

                                  I'd recommend checking out Neillio's for its homemade Romanian Pastrami, but be forewarned, it is only prepared once/twice a week and does sell out. Its website is very good at posting the weekly and daily specials.


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                                  1. re: peckthebeak
                                    okra RE: peckthebeak Aug 2, 2011 08:33 AM

                                    The OP mis-spelled - it was "Stan Salter's Village Deli". I've no idea how I first stumbled in there, but Stan would be behind the counter, slicing meats for your sandwiches. Amazing for a boy who is as much Jewish as I am Venutian. Great, now I'm drooling!

                                    I've asked the owner of Gary's a few doors down what happened to Stan, and although he didn't know he pointed out that they are now doing sandwiches from inside the liquor store. A good attempt, not the real thing by any means.

                                    Gary's Discount Liquors
                                    655 Vfw Pkwy, Chestnut Hill, MA

                                    1. re: peckthebeak
                                      fantundo RE: peckthebeak Aug 4, 2011 06:59 PM

                                      Not that I'm addicted or anything, but I happen to know they have it on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you call ahead., they'll save some for you.

                                    2. dmullin699 RE: Bluebird Aug 4, 2011 06:44 PM

                                      I recently had the "Black Romanian Crackstrami" at Alba's deli on Hancock St in Quincy, and it was a religous experience. They are also one of the few places around to sell chopped liver, which people rave about.

                                      Alba Deli
                                      1085 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169

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