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May 21, 2007 12:46 PM

10 Cane rum really fantastic!

I've long bemoaned the lack of good rum on the mass market. Besides Bacardi and Captain Morgan's, most markets don't have any light rum to choose among!

Recently, I started finding more choices for dark rum. Great for sipping, and for baking, but still not the same as the light rum necessary for a mojito or daiquiri.

Then, I found I could get Appleton Rum at better liquor stores, and that kept me happy for awhile.

Last week. I stumbled upon 10 Cane rum at the market. It was on sale for under $30, regular retail $35 at Beverages & More or $40 at a Ralphs/Vons/Safeway type market.

To make a long story short, I brought home this Hennessey Group creation and LOVED it!

10 Cane has the complexity of a good sipping spirit, like a great tequila. It has a sweet, bright nose and is smooth and delicate. It was almost a shame to mix it with anything, but we had some very tasty mojitos last Friday.

In a side by side sniffing comparison, Appleton suffered by comparison.

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  1. What country/island is it from?

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    1. re: Veggo

      Trinidad, I think.

      It's great to see this review, since someone brought us a huge bottle as a gift and we haven't cracked into it yet.

    2. 10 Cane's flavor depends on when you got it - it didn't receive great sales, so Hennessey re-formulated it with the hopes that more people would like it. So the flavor of 10 Cane bottled today is different from the original flavor. Yes, it is made in Trinidad.

      It is designed to be a mixer, not a sipper, and does well as a mixer. It's distinct enough without being overly distinct, dry enough to let the other cocktail ingredients control the sweetness, and doesn't taste overly of rum. Designed to be a cocktail mixer.

      Overall, 10 Cane is pretty good, but a bit over-priced, IMHO - though I haven't tasted the new formula. I certainly can't complain about the taste - it's very good - but have to wonder if a cheaper rum could do as well in most cocktails.

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      1. re: Scottes

        I saw it today, priced at $36.99. I have never seen a non-aged rum at that high a price. Pretty bottle, though.

        1. re: Scottes

          What are everyone else's favorite mixer rums? I like Appleton but would like to try something else.

          I agree that 10 Cane's retail price is high. I only even considered it because it was on sale for $30 and I figured it was now or never. Given how many vodkas and tequilas are over $30 these days, it didn't seem like the worst purchase. Ane compared with a $15 Bacardi Superior, I have to say to me it's twice as good.

          1. re: Pei

            Pyrat Rum Pistol is my favorite.

            It is from Anguila and marketed/made by Patron, better known for their tequilas.

            Pistol (in the long tall bottle) is one of three aged rums they make. They also make Pyrat XO Reserve, which comes in a squat bottle much like that of Patron and their ultra premium (read super expensive) Pyrat Cask.

            1. re: bodie

              curses! my husband and i just returned from anguilla and we had bought a lovely bottle of pyrat that we both looked forward to trying.

              unfortunately, we were so chill from the vacation that we totally forgot we wouldn't be able to carry it on the flight (it was well over the 4oz limit allowed for liquids in carry-ons) and it was confiscated as we went through check-in in san juan. i begged the security guard to take it home and enjoy it herself, since she felt so bad about having to take it from me, but she laughed and said she couldn't. i do hope that someone ultimately got to drink it and it didn't just wind up, all crushed in a dumpster somewhere.

            2. re: Pei

              Pei, hmmm. Sounds like you saw my post before I edited it down? Sorry.
              Try Myers Platinum for mixing. Least medicinal taste for a clear rum, in my opinion.

              1. re: Pei

                Mixer rums? Depends on what you're making! Mai-Tai get some expensive fancy stuff (St James Hors D'Age & Appleton Estate Extra). Punch gets some low-end stuff - whatever is handy and won't be missed, LOL!

                For general mixing I like Appleton & Mount Gay (for golds) or Flor De Cana (dry white) or Matusalem Platino (white). For more expensive "mixing" I might use Cruzan Single Barrel (for very mild cocktails) or Kaniche Martinique for a very very good gold. Argh. It really depends.

                1. re: Scottes

                  Trader Vic would be proud. Appleton Estate Extra is as close as you can get these days to the original rum used in the Mai Tai, J. Wray & Nephew 17 year. One year after the introduction of the Mai Tai, Trader Vic's went through the entire world supply of the 17 year.

            3. 10 Cane is closer to a rhum agricole than regular rum.

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              1. re: scubadoo97

                10 Cane is basically a rhum agricole because it is made from fermented crushed fresh cane juice vs. fermented, watered down molasses.

                Rum agricole is also called agricultural rum and was a 19th century invention to make when the sugar industry went through some major changes that led to higher prices of molasses.

                Industrial rum is making rum from the molasses by-product of sugar making and was a 17th century invention. Around 90% of rums are industrial rums, but the numbers are changing and more agricultural rums are being produced, and exported, than ever before.

                The term is originally from French West Indies islands like Martinique, Guadeloupe and Marie Galante. Trinidad was a French colony at one point but switched hands several times with other countries, so they don't tend to use the term rhum agricole. Sugar cane was first brought to Trinidad by a French colonist to farm it for sugar and rum.

                While 10 Cane is a good light rum I much prefer other rhum agricole with more musky or a cognac sort of taste like Clement, Neisson, and JM

              2. The original comment has been removed