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May 21, 2007 12:41 PM

Beware of LOUNGE 47 in LIC

The space is nice, the menu looks good but Lounge 47 on Vernon Blvd in LIC is not worth your money. The codfish po' boy would make anyone south of the Mason Dixon cry with shame. The fish was over cooked, the bread was hard and crusty and they was NO sauce!! I repeat: NO SAUCE! The service made me feel like I was in youth hostel.

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  1. But it's a nice place to go for drinks, anyway.

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    1. re: melon

      true. great patio, comfortable atmosphere. it's a shame the food is terrible, though.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Really? We wandered in yesterday before Warm Up at P.S.1 and had a surprisingly decent meal. I had the chicken sandwich with avocado and feta, and my boyfriend had the fish and chips. Now, the fries were pretty mediocre and the contents of the tartar sauce downright mysterious, but his fried cod was light, crispy and buttery. The staff was fine, and relaxing on the patio quite pleasant.

        1. I used to think the food there was fairly good when we lived in the nabe a few years back. We tried it again a few months ago, and was very disappointed with everything we tasted.

          1. Couple years later. Food looked good. Sunday afternoon in a nice garden area. Staff did there best to ignore me and my friend so we just left. Waiter ambled by with a plate of food for another table. Could not be bothered to bus our table, say or hi or offer us water. 10 mins was more than enough so I left.