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May 21, 2007 12:39 PM

Need Suggestion for B-day Dinner in Westchester

We are going to be a group of 6 going to dinner for a Birthday celebration somewhere in Westchester. Anywhere from Croton-on-Hudson to Tarrytown to White Plains as that's where we're all coming from- nothing much farther north or south.

We don't need anything too fancy but something nice- like in the $20ish range for entrees. American, or anything not too ethnic would work. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown might be a little over your price range, the three course prix fixe is $65 per person, but the food, location and atmosphere are the best in Westchester.

    1. I would recommend Le Provencal Bistro in Mamaroneck. Lots of stuff in that price range and the food is awesome.

      1. That's alot of territory to cover but just to name a few, I like Grazielllas in White Plains, if you want to keep the prices down you could go to Laguna also in White Plains where they serve family style. If your want a place by the water with a good view there is Striped Bass or Sunset Cove in Tarrytown. I went to B4 in Valhalla the other day for lunch and that was very good. In Croton they have the Japanese Habachi place that is also alot of fun to go with a group but I can't think of the name of it, it starts with an S, maybe Sakuri or something like that, maybe someone else will know it. It also serves Sushi. There's also Mediterraneo or Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville but it may exceed your price range. One last thought, I remember going to Travelers Rest in Ossining many years ago and it seemed to be popular for birthdays (like I said this was many years ago and I don't know what is going on in there now, but I do know they decorate it really nice around Christmas time.

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          laguna is mediocre on its good days. lots of food tho, for the $$.

        2. I second tada's Le Provencal recommendation but it's in Mamaroneck and you don't want to go south.

          Just had a very good meal at American Bistro - in Tuckahoe, price range in your specifications and it features cafe/bistro style American Comfort food. I've heard here that the burger is very good.

          Also, haven't been and it's Italian but heard very good things about Rosie's Italian Bistro in Bronxville.

          Don't know if Mexican is "too ethnic" but Sunset Grille in White Plains is really good, very "festive" but not tacky.

          1. Entrees at Iron Horse at mid-high 20's and you can get a 3 course meal for $48 or so (plus tax and tip, of course). If that's not too much, I'd do that.

            Of course in Croton there is always Umami, but not overly fancy for a birthday celebration.

            If you want to go down to Yonkers, Peter Kelly's new restaurant X2O is opening soon. Not sure of the price range as I have not seen a menu yet. I'd certainly consider that.

            Another thought -- how about driving a little further north and going to Zeph's in Peekskill?