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May 21, 2007 12:11 PM

Boston for 6 days in June

I'm going to be in Boston with my family (wife and 10 year old son, who is a good, adventurous eater) from the 16th -22nd of June. We're staying in the South End (Tremont @ W.Newton, in a vacation rental apt.). I've identified a handful of places that I definitely want to check out, but would like some help in rounding out the week.
The places I've decided on are:
Addis Red Sea and B&G Oysters (they'll be in my neighborhood)
Sel de la Terre (I think we'll do lunch here-the sandwiches look great)
Some others that I'm considering are:
Eastern Standard
Antico Forno
I suppose my question is, What am I overlooking?
Maybe some ethnic foods in Alston?
Better choice in the North End?
Good lunch on Beacon Hill?
Other South End spots I shouldn't miss? (good breakfast spot?)
I'm reasonably familiar with Boston, having spent a year there back in '87-'88 (worked for a while in the deli at the Beacon Hill J. Bildner's). We aren't renting a car, plan to walk and occasionally take the T, and at least one day we'll rent bicycles. Other than the path up and down the Charles River, are there good bike rides (incorporating food [or ice cream] along the ride is a plus).
Also, we're going to a Red Sox game (vs Giants on Father's Day). I plan on having grilled sausage w/onions and peppers before the game, but after the game we'll be looking for something to eat in the vicinity. This is when I'm thinking of Eastern Standard. Between Sox game and Father's day, I imagine it'll be crazy there. Should I be making a reservation today?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. In the South End I'd make sure to hit the Franklin Cafe. Aquitaine for brunch is a good option around there as well.

    I'd add Neptune to the must-try list. Lunch at Sel De La Terre is a terrific idea.

    If you're going to hit Eastern Standard on a game day it would be wise to make your reservation now.

    Riding your bikes on the Charles - snacks on the Cambridge side of the river:

    You can get off on Mass Ave. in Cambridge and grab some good ice cream (and brunch) at Toscanini in Central Square.

    A little further up the river you could turn onto River St. and pick up some soul food at Coast Cafe. I grab take-out there for picnics often. Really yummy fried chicken.

    Continuing along the river to Harvard Square. More good picnic take-out options. Sandwiches at Darwin's Cardullo's and Hi-Rise are good. Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square is a good casual spot for great thin crust pizza.

    1. Those are all good choices. The obvious easy breakfast spot is Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe on Columbus Ave. I don't know about ES after a game unless you're waiting a couple hours or yes, call today for a res. Aneka Rasa for Malaysian in Allston is fun plus you could walk around and see if something else on the ethnic side catches your eye since there's so much there. Paramount on Beacon Hlll is usually good for lunch. I'd scoot over to Harvard Sq. with your 10 year old and hit Bartley's for burgers.

      1. You could also try homey Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village next to the So. End for breakfast:

        1. I love Flour in the South End for breakfast (Great coffee! and oh, those lemon ginger scones) and lunch (the grilled portabella sandwich is divine). I also like Mike's Diner (the eggs benny are worth it if they are on special) (also on Washington) and Union for french toast.
          On Beacon Hill, you could try Paramount, Panificio or Beacon Hill Bistro for breakfast/lunch.
          You could try Trattoria Toscana for after the Sox game- yummy pastas.
          Also, Giacomo's on Columbus might be a good option for a night when you want a more reasonable meal...
          I like Neptune better than B&G but people feel strongly about both.