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May 21, 2007 12:03 PM

J Lounge, Downtown LA

Rude management. Descent food. OK bar. Nice view.

It was my girlfriend's birthday and she was forced to make dinner reservations at 7:15 because the restaurant was booked with "reservations" for 8 o'clock. However, as 8:00 rolls around the place is COMPLETELY EMPTY with us and a small family of four sitting at the WORST tables in the house.

The management seemed to be very comfortable with treating diners like dirt, just because it was a saturday night and they had a line of like 3 people standing outside. Also, it seemed rather odd that a restaurant has a "No Birthdays" policy. Lucky for us though, our waiter was gracious enough to fixed us up a small dessert with a candle in it.

My advise, don't go for dinner. But i guess the bar is OK. Even though there are dozens of better bars to chose from in LA with better locations and friendlier service.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the drinks at the bar were overpriced, yet they were still watered down.

    1. J Lounge is on my black list. Went there on a weekend for a friend's bday and they wouldn't let me in b/c I wasn't wearing dress shoes. Mind you, i don't go out in downtown very often and do most of my partying in Hollywood, and even the fanciest joints in Hollywood have never not let me in b/c of my shoes. Who do they think they are???? Do they not realize that they are a bar in downtown trying to build a customer base??? They should be happy anyone is even showing up.

      1. wow. I was just there this past Saturday night for the club, and me and my friends were the first 3 people in line. maybe you saw us standing outside :)

        the club isn't much better. the drinks were okay but the DJ was terrible... we left early and went to another club.

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          I found it wierd that there is no draft beer at the bar upstairs, only in the restaurant downstairs. The hamburger was tasty, but I can't imagine why I would go back, it seemed kind of cold overall.