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Recs for tasty Macrobiotic food?

I know, most of y'all don't do macrobiotic, but I'm fasting and I'll need to ease back into my bad habits slowly. I'd like to go somewhere where I can avoid the meats, dairy, and grease.

I've heard good things about souen - assuming they are still there. Is there anything else out there? Thanks!

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  1. Maybe try Caravan of Dreams. They have a lot of raw food plates.

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      Thanks. But the food doesn't need to be raw - just macrobiotic - kelps, seeweeds, hijiki, seitan...

    2. I stand by Angelica Kitchen for macrobiotic. Or Organic Grill.

      You can totally eat macrobiotic at Spring Street Natural, and whoever you're with can find non-macro stuff too.

      1. I am not very knowledgeable about Macrobiotic, but I think Pure Food and Wine serves the food that fits your criteria. Their food is quite delicious!

        1. Thanks fo your suggestions!

          1. souen off university

            1. There are two macrobiotic places on the UWS you could look into. I think Ozu (Japanese) is pretty solid. There's also Manna, which I haven't tried. It seems to do brisk business, though.

              1. Quintessence on 10th st btwn A & 1st ave.

                Sacred Chow on Sullivan st- btwn bleecker & W 3rd St

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                  I'm a huge fan of Souen. Delicious food, great atmosphere. Brown rice sushi is great, as is the cornbread. (As you can tell from my recs, menu is a true range!)

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                    Completely agree with the Souen recommendation.

                2. gobo has 2 or 3 locations

                  1. Souen in Soho, on Price St. is better than the other Souen on 13th St. Better fish, better atmosphere.