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May 21, 2007 12:00 PM

Recs for tasty Macrobiotic food?

I know, most of y'all don't do macrobiotic, but I'm fasting and I'll need to ease back into my bad habits slowly. I'd like to go somewhere where I can avoid the meats, dairy, and grease.

I've heard good things about souen - assuming they are still there. Is there anything else out there? Thanks!

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  1. Maybe try Caravan of Dreams. They have a lot of raw food plates.

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    1. re: jackieparis

      Thanks. But the food doesn't need to be raw - just macrobiotic - kelps, seeweeds, hijiki, seitan...

    2. I stand by Angelica Kitchen for macrobiotic. Or Organic Grill.

      You can totally eat macrobiotic at Spring Street Natural, and whoever you're with can find non-macro stuff too.

      1. I am not very knowledgeable about Macrobiotic, but I think Pure Food and Wine serves the food that fits your criteria. Their food is quite delicious!

        1. Thanks fo your suggestions!

          1. souen off university