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May 21, 2007 11:54 AM

Restaurant Rec's for Vancouver and Victoria in August

Hey all,

I live down in Portland, Oregon and will be traveling up to Vancouver and Victoria for my honeymoon in August. I wanted to get the current opinions on restaurants in the area. I will be staying in Vancouver for 5 days and Victoria for 2 days. I would like to check out a few multi-course (prix fix) menu's, so some rec's. on those would be great.

I am planning on going to Vij. What's the current status? Stil good? How long is the wait?

I'd like to do dim sum for lunch and I understand that the I should travel to Richmond for the good stuff? True? Any suggestions?

In Victoria I was planning on going to Sook's Boathouse? I was told it was very good. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance - I look forward to reccomendations in general. Please don't stick to what i"ve posted. If you suggest I go somewhere different I will definately take it into account.


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  1. Hey.

    I live in Victoria. I would recommend Brasserie L'Ecole for country French; Zambri's for casual Italian; Restaurant Matisse for more formal French; Ferris' Oyster Bar for casual dining (good burgers, wonderful mixed fries with a "trio of housemade mayos"); the Rosemeade (in the English Inn and Resort) for upscale fine dining; Cafe Brio for the really killer wine-list. I would skip the Sooke Harbour House unless you want to drive 40 minutes out of town. Kind of hard to enjoy their massive, Wine Spectator Grand Award winning wine cellar if you're driving 40 minutes each way. Plus it is very expensive and in my opinion the food at the Rosemeade is just as good at one-third less the price.

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      Although an Edmontonian I usually "chime in" when it comes to Victoria because we enjoy visiting the city and particularly the dining.

      No need having read your post. Agree with all of your observations although we have yet to try the Sooke Harbour House...I should add, for precisely the reasons you mentioned. Given my "love of the grape" the meal would have to be accompanied by a room in the Inn.

      Glad you mentioned Matisse. You rarely read anyone mentioning it.

      We have heard of and walked by it on numerous occasions but have not yet eaten there.

      Ferris' is another we have had recommended to us and will have to get to as well. By the time we get to our "old standards" like Brasserie, Zambri's, Brio, Tapas Bar, Canoe and the like we do not have enough time and $ to try others.

      Mind you we do try to get to at least one new spot for us each trip. In February it was the Marina and prior to that Rosemeade.

    2. Second everything everyone has said. Especially Brasserie, Brio, Ferris', and Canoe.
      Also wanted to add Sen Zushi on Fort Street for Japanese.

      1. Sooke Harbour House is absolutely lovely. While you're enjoying a pre-dinner drink you can watch the chef picking fresh herbs from the garden for your main course. It's amazing and the food is fresh, local and delicious. The service is professional and friendly. I don't usually drink more than 2 glasses of wine in an evening so the drive is not a problem for me. You could always try and find a teetotaller or a pregnant woman to go with! Or take me and I'll be your designated driver ;)

        I highly recommend Cafe Brio and Brasserie L'Ecole. They have stellar wine lists and, if you're so inclined, you can stumble home to your hotel.

        I have not tried Matisse or the Rosemeade though I've lived in Victoria for 6 years - not a slight on those restaurants; simply a function of the sheer number of excellent restaurants in town.

        For casual I recommend Ferris', and I would try to talk you out of Canoe because I find the service horrifying. Zambri's makes a nice lunch spot as well, and if you're into going "where the locals go", try Pagliacci's at lunch (be prepared to stand in line - it's an authentic Victoria experience, dontcha know?) or Tapa Bar.

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          I second the thought on the service at Canoe. Oddly enough, I've gone twice in the last 3 weeks (at other people's suggestion) and the service was really good, I have to say (but can servers not clear plates until everyone is done please!). The food was really excellent. Mains can climb up a bit past where I want to sit in a louder environment though - most are over $22/entree - and for that - I'm at Brasserie having the lamb shank (plus add on the famous frites).
          Ferris' upstairs is great too - different menu than downstairs and more like a 'before' or 'after' spot. Nice bar, cool drinks and great sharing items. Tables & couches available. Great place.

        2. if you aren't in line well before they open at 5:30 you can count on a good two hours...

          go to parkside in vancouver - lovely food and wine and cocktails and great service - their patio is lovely too if it's warm enough....

          kirin is great chinese but you can go to the downtown location on alberni st instead of richmond.

          any suggestions for portland? i'll be there in august.

          1. Dine In Victoria is a great alternative to ordering the traditional chinese food and pizza to your door. They deliver from some of Victoria's most popular restaurants. These restaurants offer a varitey of food choices from Steak and Potatoes to Thai, Japenese and Italian (just to name a few). All food arrives hot and in thermal isolated bags by well dressed delivery people.

            All of the restaurants menus can be viewed on Dine In Victoria's website at Orders can be placed via the internet or by calling them directly at 361-DINE (3463).

            This is a great choice for those wanting a delicious dinner but not wanting to eat at the restaurant. I would highly recommend this service to everyone!