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May 21, 2007 11:41 AM


We will be going to Sonoma for the first time tomorrow and staying at the Fairmont Mission Inn. We need recommendations for dinner in Sonoma and Healdsburg. Thought of Cyrus right away, but the bill will be sky-high for a party of five (after wine and surcharges) and menu a bit too "fusiony" for our guests. Our guests are also first-timers to Wine Country, so we would like a place with not only good food but nice surroundings as well. Thank you!

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  1. The General's Daughter- great food, nice setting, not as many Asian/fusion influences. Many dishes have a Southern influence like Shrimp & grits, etc. 5 courses are a steal at $65.

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      Thank you! Will do General's Daughter for one night. Any thoughts on Healdsburg or surrounding areas? Is Farmhouse worth the drive? Any other "steals"? We don't mind driving.

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        Ravenous in Healdsburg is a favorite of mine. Check it out.

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          farmhouse is way overrated, maybe dry creek kitchen instead of cyrus

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            I think Farmhouse is fantastic and provides one of the best over-all restaurant experinces around - for me it exceeds on all levels it strives to hit. They are closed Tues/Wed. For fun and solid tasty food in Healdsburg, Bistro Ralph is my go-to place. In Sonoma, Cafe le Haye is where I like to go. Zazu in Santa Rosa, west of HWY 101 on Guerneville has darn tasty Cal-Ital food.

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            You are on the money, Navin! Just savored sublime food and service at the General's Daughter last night. Prefixe menu offers unbeatable value and flexibility. Highlights include perfectly made foie gras, ravioli, fantastic lamb chops(more like rack of lamb), and chocolate souffle....everything was well executed. Our guests also enjoyed their Hawaiian Snapper, Asparagus and Beet Salad, and White Bean and Vegetable Soup. Definitely the best meal we had on this trip! Memorable for our guests:)

          3. I'm also a big fan of Ravenous in Healdsburg. Della Santinas in Sonoma is fantastic. The gnocchi is the best I've ever had. It's a small, family run spot. Not too fancy, but absolutely great.

            1. The current issue of Wine Spectator features Sonoma County, especially the Healdsburg area with lots of great recommendations regarding restaurants and wineries to visit. Also, has a nice feature on the Sonoma Coast Appelation.

              1. The Girl & The Fig in Sonoma, Café La Haye in Sonoma, Dry Creek Kitchen in Healsburg . . .