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May 21, 2007 11:23 AM

Greek Festival in the SF Valley this weekend?

ON Plummer and Balboa.

How was it last year? Is the food worth the parking hassle and crowds?

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  1. I thought it was a lot of fun. The food is so-so but the baklava is always great. I go to watch the dancers and singers and the people having fun. Go at least for the fun of it.
    The parking is not great, but for me, the walk was worth eating the baklava! (:

    1. We've been going for the last several years. I think the food is good and the pastries are truly excellent. Park in the residential streets south of Plummer and walk up the hill. Be sure to take the church tour.

      1. Did you end up going? And if so, how did you find it?

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        1. re: bkh238559

          Didn't go. Heard the food was good but the crowds and parking were unbearable.

          Glad I went to Woodland's Dosa Night instead!

          1. re: Diana

            Wow. I usually go every year too and park ona side street an dwalk up . No problems and the crowds were fine. In fact, hardly any lines for food (plenty of vendors), no lines at the crafts and plenty of seats. I found other local events much more crowded. In fact, I loved the crowd around the dance floor and seeing the Greek dancers and singers and musicians.

        2. is there a website for the festival? What church sponsor's this event?

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          1. re: afs

            Not sure about a website but it is already over. It was this past weekend. It is sponsored I believe by the Greek Orthodox church on Balboa.

              1. re: Local

                The festival happens every year on Memorial Day weekend. I've gone for about 4 years now. I find its easier to park down a nearby side street and walk over.

                The food was good, as it always is. They have full dinner plates or ala carte, spanakopita, pasticio, mousakka. The green beans and pilaf they serve with them are just ok, but the main course and the feta cheese and olives are great.

                They have souvlaki skewers, grilled chicken, a huge table of homemade pastries. I think the program said they had over 30,000 of them this year.

                I usually go Saturday early afternoon and the crowds are never unbearable, and I always find a parking spot.

                1. re: LisaN

                  OK- info for next year...
                  we have gone for more years than I care to count - its sort of a tradition... we go for the ouzo and dancing and stay for the donuts (loukamedes?) which are sinful...overall the food is good - at least good as far as festival quality but I've have better calamari, souvlaki, gyros at other places - still some things are downright excellent and the environment is fun. We usually park at the church behind St. Nicks (just east) and never have had a problem - but you might on Sunday (don't know)... Go. Grab an ouzo and then dance a few folk dances, paint a refrigerator magnet, eat some sausage with feta and olives, drink a retsina, win a gold fish, eat the donuts, get pastries and dinner to go and then go home and get in the hot tub! Makes for a nice Memorial Day.

                  1. re: truefoodie

                    the Greek festival is always such a let down and every year it's becoming more and more of a money making machine for the vendors... but the dessert ((loukoumades see picture attached)) is the one thing that keeps me going back, plus the Greeks are very friendly!!! OPA!!