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May 21, 2007 11:14 AM

Restaurant with the best prix fix menu

One of my co workers went to the Porter House Bistro in Beverly Hills this last Saturday and ordered off their Prix Fix Menu. He was very disappointed. The rib eye steak he and his wife ordered was just "ok". He also told me the sides where not very tasty and small portions to top it off. I just wondering if some one can please give me a recommendation on a restaurant that has a prix fix menu that won't break the bank and that is worth the drive.
I always appreciate your recommendations my fellow Chowhounds!


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  1. Sunday Supper at Luques?

    1. I actually really enjoyed the Prix Fix menu at Porter House Bisto, but was not impressed by the Sunday Supper at Luques. I felt really rushed at Luques and my fish was overcooked and chewy.

      Dominick's also has a Sunday Night Supper for $15 and $10 bottles of wine.

      1. What about Opus? I've never been, but I had the tasting menu at Meson G and quite liked it. Opus seems to be well regarded here on CH as well.

        1. The Spago prix fix is incredible. I've had it twice and it is really, really good. I went originally because I was planning to leave LA and wanted to go before I left. Anyway, didn't end up leaving and have gone back since. Truly transcendent.

          1. Joe's Restaurant on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Their Prix Fix menu has been popular since they first started offering it. Most consider the lunch Prix Fix a deal, if not a steal at around $15. Franco-Cal type of cuisine with some Asian influences to boot... Joe's has been on Abbot Kinney since the early 90s which is a very long time for this street that is in constant transition. Definitely worth a try.