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May 21, 2007 11:06 AM

Enoteca Maria - amazing

Had to post about my meal at Enoteca Maria in St. George. We went on a night when they were cooking Sicilian and we left full and delighted! amazig pasta con sarde, studded with raisins, pine nuts and briney sardines served over bucatini. Clams in a spicy red sauce and cheesy, aromatic veal spedini. I wish I could remember exactly whihc wines we drank - I had a crisp, dry rose and my husband had a delcious Montepulciano.

The room is lovely and was pleased to see it very full. Service was a tad harried, but I blame that on the fact that we went on a Friday night after their Wednesday review in the Advance.

Cannot wait to go back and see what the other chefs can do.

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  1. Thanks for this, MP! We live in SI but so far have only ducked in to look at the place and the menus. Tried to go last Sunday but I'd failed to notice they closed Sundays for the summer. Starting next Sunday, they'll be open Sundays again. The food and wine menu looked great.