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May 21, 2007 11:00 AM

Road tip help

ill be driving through N. Michigan, N WI, ND, and Montana on a road trip. any sugestions on good road food?or good food at all.

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  1. Are you going to magically transport from WI to ND or will there be some time in a part of MN as well? If so, you'll be in the area of expertise of many of us -- just let us know the specific routes.

    1. Where in northern Michigan?

      1. I'm assuming you'll be in the U.P. of Michigan if you're going into Wisconsin -- try That Italian Place in downtown Marquette. For coffee in the morning in Marquette there's a good coffee house with homemade baked goods called Babycakes, on Washington.

        On U.S. 2 about 30 miles or so west of the Mackinac Bridge there is a place called Gustafson's Smoked Fish. No seating or anything, but you can buy fish, crackers, and mayo or tartar sauce, and have a great picnic at Cut River Gorge or one of the many other parks along the road. The fish there was written up in Gourmet magazine. I personally am partial to the smoked chubs. if you would rather grill, try the whitefish sausage--a nice change from hot dogs.

        1. N. Michigan:
          If you're going past Marquette, you have GOT to stop for ice cream at Jilbert's. It's great. (I'd drive up from Ann Arbor for their ice cream.) You can almost see Jilbert's from US highway 41 - look for the red barn with a cow on top.

          N. WI:
          See this thread for a discussion of where to eat on highway 2 near Ashland and Iron River.

          N. MN:
          Duluth is an eater's paradise these days! If you're going through Duluth, let us know. Or search the board for threads like these:


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            sorry for being so vague everyone! and thanks for the responses! I am new to this and am so glad to have so much help. I am now in bismark. I will be driving on 94/90 through ND and Montana. any ideas?

            1. re: momsafoodie

              Here's a recent link on North Dakota that may or may not be helpful to you (I don't know if any of the recommendations are along your route.)


              The Midwest board doesn't cover Montana. You'd need to post your query on the "Elsewhere in America" Board to get recommendations for Montana.


          2. I got three great tips on a road trip I did from Mpls to northern Michigan. All three were in the UP along US2. They were:

            1) Lehtos Pastries -- about 8 miles west of St. Ignace. Best pasties I had in the UP.
            2) Gustafson's -- fantastic beef jerky from a small BP station near Brevort.
            3) Swedish Pantry -- a kitschy cafe in Escanaba with tasty Swedish pancakes and other Scandanavian/North Woods food. Not great food, bu a fun stop.

            Here is the link with some of the tips I got.