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May 21, 2007 10:55 AM

Yerba Mate

I recently ran into someone who was raving about Yerba Mate and suggested I try it as an aleternative to coffee.

I have been trying to find a good place on the westside/Southbay of LA to buy some but am not sure where to begin.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy yerba mate in the southbay or westside areas? Also, are there any brands/types in particular that are enjoyable or recommended? Do any of these places also sell the gourds and straws needed to drink the yerba mate?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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  1. Whole foods carries both loose leaf mate blends (Guyaki Brand) and also Mate in tea bags - Numi makes a blend, as well as Guyaki and Tazo.
    While you get a larger serving of Mateine with the loose blend, you would need to purchase a bombadilla (gourd) and straw to partake. I got mine in Argentina and haven't seen anything around here but have since switched from gourd to bagged tea because it was a hassle.

    1. I know the Trader Joe's near us sells it. You may want to call the one near you to see if they carry it too.

      1. I believe the Grand Casino Bakery in Culver City sells it.

        1. i think the best mate comes up from the tea stores that will sell it loose. the brands at whole foods are pretty good but its always yummier and fresher at a tea place. now that elixir has changed, which is so sad! you can go to the place on the corner on beverly and doheny.

          1. Went to King Ranch in Monrovia yesterday to stock up on Latino groceries, and they had maybe five or six different brands of that. I'd expect any multiinational Latino grocery would have it.