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May 21, 2007 10:21 AM

Chinese Banquet Near Garden Grove

I'm planning on getting married at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove this summer, and was wondering if there are any good Chinese banquet restaurants to host 25 - 50 people for the rehearsal dinner. I already know about Prince Seafood in Cerritos, and was wondering if there was anything closer.

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  1. Try Seafood Place in Garden Grove. My cousin had a wedding banquet there and it was lovely. :) Congratulations, btw!

    Seafood Place
    12201 Brookhurst , Garden Grove 92840

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    1. re: arisu

      Thanks for the tip, arisu. I couldn't find a website for Seafood Place. Is it fairly authentic cuisine? Do you know how it compares with other Chinese banquet spots?

      1. re: bitstreamer

        Unfortunately they do not have a website. I'm chinese myself, and I enjoyed the food when I went to the banquet 2 years ago. The more popular chinese banquet areas that I've been to are more in the Montery Park area as they're more "grander" but if you're looking for a closer restaurant and serves fairly authentic chinese, then I suggest this place.

        Try going there for lunch or dinner first to check it out and see how you feel. I've had wonderful service from a petite waitress named May.

        Hope that helps!

        1. re: arisu

          Thanks again. Unfortunately, I live in Virginia so it's hard to try out the food. But it sounds like a real possibility so I'll check it out the next time I'm in LA.

    2. Does anyone have any opinions about King Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Garden Grove? How's the food, and is it authentic? Can it accommodate a party of 25 - 50?

      1. Another possibility is Furiwa, 13826 Brookhurst in Garden Grove. See bottom of thread linked.

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          Just attended a wedding there a few weeks ago. Very easy to miss from the outside and my wife and I were thinking the place was going to be tiny inside. Once we entered, however, we were pleasantly surprised. There were about 15 tables for the wedding with a few more that were not used.

          The food was good as well. Typical HK/Cantonese style banquet seafood dishes. We've attended a number of banquets in SGV and this one held its own.