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May 21, 2007 09:50 AM

what is the best sushi restaurant?

we're celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this coming weekend. we are looking for a great sushi restaurant suggestion. we live in north OC, but are willing to drive to almost anywhere in so cal for great sushi. I just read a blog about Sushi Nozawa and was all excited about it...but then found out they are not open on Sat & Sun. :( I'd appreciate your recommendation!

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  1. Prepare for the greate debate. If you can swing Urasawa, that would be it.

    For prices that let me keep most of my firstborn, I like Asanebo in Studio City, or 4 on 6 in Encino.

    For prices that mean I can eat the rest of the week, I like House of Taka.

    For all you can eat, I go to Midori.

    1. Urasawa. The real question is: What is the second best sushi place in town?

      1. urasawa. case closed. nothing to see here, folks. move along now...

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          1. re: Pablo

            How fast do reservations fill up?

            1. re: aprmayjun

              I think he only takes ten people a night. I made a res about a month in advance with no problems. You will be required to leave your CC to secure it.

              1. re: Pablo

                i love an intimate setting! thanks for the tip. i cannot wait until i have a chance to dine there.

          2. re: rameniac

            I'm going to get crucified for this, but I didn't think Urasawa's sushi is anything to write home about.

            Now if you're going for the Kobe beef and foie gras, that's a different story.

            1. re: Tkn

              Well, Urasawa doesn't do fusion rolls if that's what your into. It's Kyoto style.
              His quality is unsurpassed.

          3. I sure do wish I had the sort of income that would let me try all the various sushi joints in town and make a truly valid assessment (and of course, be able to return to the ones that moved me repeatedly!). Having said that, Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo just served me the most insanely good toro of my life and Katsuya in Encino has that crisy rice/spicy tuna thing that others dare replicate (and a scallop/foie gras thing that still makes me swoon from the memories)

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            1. re: djquinnc

              Addendum: Urasawa broke my bank account, but was the single most amazing sushi experience of my life. Best way to celebrate getting my MSW I could imagine. For pics: see

              1. re: djquinnc

                Some of the best Urasawa pics I have seen to date. Excellent work!

            2. I really think that there should be different categories for sushi restaurant, as clearly Urasawa is meant to be in its own stratosphere. At the next tier, there's places like Nozawa, as well as Sushi Zo and Sasabune. Below that, you've got great neighborhood spots that aren't quite destinations in and of themselves, but are quite excellent. I'd put Hirozen, Shibucho and Sushi Ike there.