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Authentic Mexican Scene in Bridgeport CT

Taqueria La Michoacana 1914 Main Street
When you walk in you will see the al pastor spit directly behind the counter. They make excellent tacos, especially the al pastor. Word is that their Pozole on the weekend is very good.

La Poblanita 1660 Park Avenue
These guys cook up a mean al pastor and carne asada tacos. The waitresses there are a lot of fun and the tell me that mole served on the weekend is the dish to try. They also run a bakery next door.

El Tenampa 2382 Main Street
I like the carnitas here, they always hit the spot. I have enjoyed their cemitas too. The last time I was there I observed a guy chowing down on a Huarache that looked great.

El Agave 2521 Main Street
I haven't tried this place yet.

El Taco Mexicano 2810 Fairfield Avenue
I recently tried their tacos arabes and found them to be ok, not too exciting. However, judging by the volume of Mexicans grabbing take out they must have something good. Anybody know?

Grand Pizza 1891 Main Street
I haven't tried this place either. It is a pizza joint that also serves pollo en salsa chipotle, flautas, tortas, and tacos.

You can tell by my reviews that I haven't had time to really have a sit down meal at any of these places. I usually just have time to grab a snack to go. I would be interested to know if anybody has had any experiences at theses places? I know there are a few that I have missed, please feel free to add them to the thread.

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  1. man... I've never thought I needed a reason to come to bridgeport... I think I'm going to have to muster one up. These places sound great. If you are finding huaraches, spit-roasted al pastor, etc., then you are finding some great stuff...

    Thanks for your reviews! we need more chow reports from places like bridgeport to prove that these outlying places aren't culinary wastelands...

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    1. re: adamclyde

      Bridgeport has a lot more than Mexican to offer chowhounds. In the near future I hope to write about the large Brazilian chow scene and West Indian scene there.

      I realize I missed a few Mexican places on Fairfield Avenue. There is a bakery and a deli I think....

      If anyone has any questions about Bport feel free to send me an email.

    2. El Taco Mexicano 2810 Fairfield Avenue

      I hit up this place at least every other week for their tacos or burritos - I have been going there for about a year plus. Recently, they took over the tattoo shop next door, so they actually have tables and a bathroom. I love their tacos, mmm, their chicken tacos or the pork and pineapple. The burritos that my friend always gets are delicious too.

      1. Definitely going to give these places a try. Thanks.

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        1. re: Elizzie

          El Taco Mexicano CLOSED!!!!!!! I am so upset - one day I went and they were just gone!
          I am to have to try some places on that list.

          1. What about Taco Loco on Fairfield Avenue? Food is pretty good there.

            1. Here are a few more notes on the Mexican chow scene in the port:

              La Mexicana - 1407 Fairfield Avenue - They are dishing out some decent food.

              Garibaldis - 1697 Park Avenue - Is a market run by a family from Oaxaca. They just serve tacos and tortas. They have tamales during the weekend. I had an interesting talk with the owner, he told me that the majority of Mexicans living in New Haven are from Tlaxcala. He said he thought that Bridgeport had a mix of Mexicans from Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Michoacan.

              La Flor de Mexico Panaderia is across the street from Garibaldis. It is a bakery that also offers tacos.
              I heard that the owner of La Poblanita is opening a restaurant in Fairfield. La Poblanita has been hit or miss the last few visits.

              There is a taco truck that parks on Fairfield Avenue at the corner of Poplar Street. I sampled their tacos which are decent, nothing spectacular. The owner is originally from Tlaxcala and is a resident of New Haven. He told me there are a few taco trucks in the Elm City but none in Bport so he decided to give a try. 3 months so far and he says business has been good. I doubt his truck can rival what some of you California folks are used to.

              There is another small Mexican market on North Avenue(btw Main and Park) that serves tamales on the weekend, I haven't tried them yet.

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              1. re: JohnnyCT

                Does garibaldi serve oaxacan tamales (tamales oaxaqueno)? That would be an awesome find.

                1. re: adamclyde

                  I'm not sure. All I can remember is that he said they have three different styles available only on the weekend.

                  What makes a Oaxacan tamale unique?

                  1. re: JohnnyCT

                    the typical oaxaqueno is wrapped in banana leaves. The masa is ligher, more tender, more moist. In a good one, almost spoonable.

                    Traditionally, they'll frequently have chicken (or pork) with a mole negro. The ones I've gotten in brooklyn don't seem to have mole negro, but they have a more standard salsa rojo with pork. Regardless, the banana leaf on the mexican tamale is a tell tale it comes from southern mexico.

                    If they have them, I highly recommend them. Outside of a good fish taco, it's probably the food I crave more than anything else that can't be had around here.

                2. re: JohnnyCT

                  I have not been to Bridgeport for Mexican yet. As I've said elsewhere, I just want clean, safe and good Mexican food. I just won't be able to drag my woman into a crappy "sketchy" place. Small, local places are fine if the other criteria is met. I am not picky about the version as long as it is good. I recently had great authentic Mexican in Austin, TX at the Fonda San Miguel and lots of funky Tex-Mex joints. I also love the Mex-New Mex variety. Are there any in the Bridgeport area that are nice, sit-down restaurants that take credit cards?

                  1. re: Scargod

                    Oh, I wish Scargod, I wish. We had those all over California and I simply don't understand why the Mexicans here can't have restaurants that show the pride of their heritage instead of being ratty little dark rooms with some food being served.

                    I did go to a fairly good one this weekend - Coyote Flaco on the Bridgeport/Fairfield border. You definitely could bring your lady and they had a good selection of drinks and I'm fairly certain took credit cards.

                    BTW, will never go to Mi Rancho on Fairfield Avenue again. We were there last week for lunch - the only ones - and it took forever with the slow Mexican woman doing who knows what behind the counter. It's always super slow, slow service there. And, the quesdailla was actually inedible. It is good for groceries though, we bought a huge can of pozole for like $1.50, and the bakery section looks pretty good.

                    1. re: MasterofLightChick

                      my mexican friends agree with you MLC but call ahead and get the tamales, trust me they are fantastic! every thanksgiving we get 50 at $1 each and have a gringo /mexican party and the tamales are always the biggest hit! sometimes we just order a bunch for breakfast at work.
                      mi rancho has the best tamales in the bridgeport area

                    2. re: Scargod

                      Try Taqueria La Michoacana or El Tenampa. I'm not sure if they take credit cards. They are small, humble places but not "sketchy."

                      1. re: JohnnyCT

                        Thanks, Johnny; I thought you'd come through for me! We'll give'm a try.
                        BTW, your email address doesn't seem to work.

                  2. johnnyct: What is al pastor? Do any of these places have great salads?

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