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May 21, 2007 09:41 AM

Malatesta crushes Da Andrea

Side by side blind taste test. Four judges. Malatesta vs. Da Andrea vs. (the inexpensive take out) Pepe Verde to Go.

On the gnocci gorgonzola , Malatesta served firm but great spinach gnocci with a nice sauce, Da Andrea served lumpy mashed potatoes. [A+ vs. F]

On the Bolognese, Malatesta served a better noodle and stronger sauce than Da Andrea. One judge preferred even Pepe Verde to Da Andrea. (Pepe Verde serves Bolognese with spaghetti...bit runny (like a cafeteria) but good flavor.) [A- vs. B- vs. C+]

Pepe Verde's Penne in tomato sauce rivals airport cafeterias for precooked/reheated gumminess. Almost inedible. [F]

Pepe Verde is not that much cheaper than take out from Malatesta. (You spend your money on the apps, water, entrees, coffee, dessert, tip, etc.) So do take-out from Malatesta. And the wait at Da Andrea is GREATER than the wait at Malatesta. So eat in at Malatesta.

(If you really want great Bolognese in the neighborhood, go to Palma, the winner against Po in last week's Italian food challenge.)

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  1. Thanks for this! Recently discovered Malatesta and 4 of us all really loved what we tried.

    1. I agree whole-heartedly. Malatesta is a great find and definitely most like eating in Italy. We had a special beet salad there with homemade ricotta cheese-- amazing!

      1. Oh damn, the word is out. Now Malatesta is gonna get busier than ever! Love the place. Agree that it's much like being in Italy. Their portobello mushroom salad followed by Spaghetti alla Chiarra is one of my favorite one-two punches in town.

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          I understand... I've also been hesitant to tell too many people about it! ;)