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May 21, 2007 09:38 AM

Blintzes in Queens?

I'm looking for some good cheese blintzes (not the frozen kind) to take home. I found a Russian grocery in Brighton Beach where I had a gigantic blintz the size of my head (well, I'm exaggerating a little bit), and it was amazing. I wonder if there is some Russian-Jewish place in Rego Park or Flushing or somewhere like that... any suggestions?

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  1. Knish Nosh has blintzes, I think...Just Like Mother's on QB in Forest Hills has them (the Polish places all have them)---

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      Knish Nosh did not have them, and we didn't try Just Like Mother's (I was looking for pre-made blintzes to take home and cook). We ended up at Queens Kosher Pita on Main Street in Flushing. Good (at least, much better than the frozen kind), but so far, the Brighton Beach blintz is winning. I did, come to think of it, also have some very good blintzes at two Polish places, one in Greenpoint and one in the East Village...

    2. Monya & Misha, 64-46 108 Street, has pretty good blintzes. They're at the take-out counter on the left near the door. I would have said amazing blintzes, but I bought some the other day, and they weren't as good as usual. Not bad, just not fantastic. They get them daily, and often they are still warm when you buy them. While you're there, they make a great beet and herring salad, stuffed eggplant, and some other cold salads. Their non-dairy stuff is pretty stodgy and greasy. Stay with the dairy.