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May 21, 2007 09:35 AM

Latin Cafe on Steinway St?

Found myself wandering around Steinway St, on the blocks right by the GRV subway stop (El Mundo, Theo & Theo, Goodwill &c) and saw a Latin cafe with wide open airy front, bar inside, &c. It was on the east side of the street. I can't remember the name (part of the reason for this post) but if anyone knows what I'm talking about and has insight on whether it's worth a visit, I'd appreciate it. If not, just general suggestions for relatively affordable Latin food in that area?

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  1. The one that I've dined in is Latin Cabana on Steinway. Lunch is $5.50 until 3PM. After 3PM it's $6.50. This may not be the one you're referring to but it's worth a visit. 34-44 Steinway St.

    1. I was in Astoria this afternoon and looked for the place you mentioned. It's called BASURERO and its awesome and it has to be new. Bar is at right with a few tables at the open window. The left are pastries that are rather large and look so good. Tables in the back. It replaced a similar place that didn't last very long and before that a high end food shop. It looks like it has potential. I didn't have time to speak with anyone about what type of food they serve. I hope you get other responses from Chowhounds who live in the Nabe.

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        Thanks for replying--that does sound like it! I now remember remarking at the name. I'll have to check out both (Cabana and the new place). I'll post again once I've eaten there, but would love to hear if other folks have tried it and have opinions.

        1. re: globalgrrl

          Globalgrrl: It's possible that Basurero is so new that no chowhound has tried it yet. We look forward to your review. Latin Cabana is quite good considering the price and the large portions but it doesn't have the Elegance and Charm of Basurero. I hope you are pleased with both.

          1. re: Mike V

            What an odd name for a restaurant. I've recently seen trucks around Astoria advertising Basurero. Taken literally, the word means junkyard. It's association with garbage makes me wonder why someone would name a restaurant like that.

            1. re: sandrina

              I figure they wouldn't name it such if it were really garbage, so I kind of like it. I didn't get to go last night -- outvoted in favour of the blah Mark Twain Diner! :( -- but hopefully by the end of this week I'll be able to share my take on the place.

              1. re: globalgrrl

                I've eaten at Basurero and didn't find it particularly interesting. Reminded me a little of a latin TGI Fridays. It's been there for a year and a half or so. I think they had fire damage for a little while and recently reopened. Perhaps the food has improved? I hope so.