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May 21, 2007 09:22 AM

Client Lunch near MCI Center/Chinatown/Union Station

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have a client lunch scheduled soon and would like to take them somewhere special in the MCI Center/Chinatown/Union Station area. Ruth's Chris would have been perfect, but it's not open for lunch.

I'm looking for something kind of upscale (but not completely break the bank) - a place they wouldn't normally take themselves. I don't think the crowd is full of adventurous eaters, so I was imagining seafood or steak.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. Poste and Zola are nice and have pretty good food.

    1. Poste is good, Tosca is good as well for this- Italian is usually a safe bet as well.

      1. I 2nd Zola. Although they have a new chef so I don't know what the new menu looks like. Also in that area is Cafe Atlantico which is really delicious but it might vear towards the more adventurous since its Nuevo Latino food.

        I've never been but my friend LOVE DC can get steak there and apparently their hamburger is quite good.

        A little farther off from the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area is 701 which seems perfect for a business lunch.

        And if you want to stay near Union Station there is always Bistro Bis which is always reliably good and practically invented for the business lunch.

        All of these places seem to be around the same price if not a little less then a lunch at Ruth Chris' would be.

        1. More traditional steakhouse/DC power lunch choices are the Capital Grille and the Caucus Room.

          1. I hit Zola last weekend. The chef seems to have settled in beautifully; we had a lovely dinner.

            Of course, the restaurant that seems to be the answer to almost every food dilemma is Central. The menu would appeal to almost everyone.

            Acadiana is also not far from there, and, while not the best restaurant in DC, has good, comforting food in a comfortable atmosphere. Well-suited for business.