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May 21, 2007 09:19 AM

Sergi's Farm in Belmont?


I've heard there is a farm in Belmont called Sergi's Farm which sells corn and other produce. Does anyone have personal experience buying there? Also, I was wondering:
1. Where exactly is it?
2. When is it open?
3. Does anybody know anything about their farming practices? (Pesticide use, etc.)

Thanks for any info!

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  1. It's off Blanchard Rd. You have to turn onto a side street that I forget the name of, a couple streets past the temple, just before the bright orange curve sign. They're open in season. Last I asked (some years ago), they used as little chemicals as possible but didn't forego them. Their corn is great, always fresh-picked, doesn't sit around. Their tomatoes don't thrill me now that I've gotten all snotty about varieties, but love the eggplant, peppers, beets, cabbage, etc. Prices are not low but hey it's in the middle of Belmont.

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      The side street is called George Road, I think. It's a guy's name. It's the first or second right off of Blanchard Road.

      When you go up George Road, it's going to feel wrong because you are in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. But go up a few more houses and on the left hand side, you will see a long dirt road. If the metal gate is blocking the road, it means you are SOL.

      The corn is wonderful. They pick throughout the day and they often run out. If they aren't too busy, the farmer will take you into the field to get more corn. This is the best stuff. Very sweet and delicious. They also have a PYO wild flowers.

      I agree with Aromatherapy about the tomatoes. They're good but nothing unusual. But the rest of the produce is quite good. And, have I said how nice the people are? That and having a hidden farm in the middle of a neighborhood is just so nice.

      1. re: beetlebug

        Yes, the location is weird, I found it many years ago following yard sale signs! Last I checked they didn't do early spring stuff, so probably nothing until well into June. (Would love to learn otherwise.) Super nice, if you need a bunch of beets a certain size, say, they'll go out and get them.

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          I think you mean Glenn Rd. George Street is near Common, not Blanchard.

          1. re: micah

            Yes. That is probably it. I knew it was a guy's name ;-)

          2. re: beetlebug

            Never knew the name but Sergi's is great. I stopped by recently and they said maybe some stuff by mid-June. If the gate is closed there is another way in and sometimes they are open even with the gate closed. Drive further around.

            Boggles the mind that there is a functioning farm in Belmont. Apparently the land was deeded to Nature Conservancy so it can only be a farm in perpetuity.

            1. re: StriperGuy

              Thanks for all of the information; I will definitely check them out in June!

          3. re: Aromatherapy

            The farm does have a website with directions and information on their practices.
            address for Google or GPS
            34 Glenn Road, belmont MA 02478




          4. I first heard about them in the Belmont Citizens Forum last fall, link below with some pics.
            I haven't been, but was amazed that there was a farm in the heart of Belmont.

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            1. re: tdaaa

              I also have a few pics from last year here:

              It's such a great little gem hidden away in a residential neighborhood, and it's great to see it getting more attention.

            2. Hey everyone,

              I volunteer at Sergi Farms.
              We do not use chemicals. Anything we put on the plants is organic. I can tell you first hand that everything is weeded by hands or by hoes. We have stuff now (early June). Stop by and check us out.