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May 21, 2007 09:09 AM

ISO side dish for pork tenderloin

My family is getting together at my house this Saturday (some from Florida, some from California, we're in DC area). I'm planning on making grilled pork tenderloin with a red wine/ginger/soy reduction sauce with sliced (frozen) peaches that I've made before (from Bon Appetit or Gourmet, I think). I'm making vegetable skewers for a vegi.

I need help with a starch. I need it to be really, really simple, cause I have a 21 month old running around and I'll have to play "hostess." The reduction sauce gets made the night before and the pork gets marinated in most of it. It gets grilled day of, with the remainder of the reduction sauce on top. The vegis I can prep the night before, and they get grilled off.

Thoughts? Maybe couscous with some herbs?



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  1. A wild rice blend made with chicken broth and a tiny bit of chopped onion. I like Lundberg Nutra-Farm Wild Rice Blend (Wild and Premium Brown Rices). For elegance, top with toasted almod slivers and a rosemary sprig.

    1. Couscous with a red wine/Asian inspired sauce is strange. Make a simple rice pilaf with thinly sliced green onions folded in the last minute to soak up the juice.

      1. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes. I never measure my ingredients, but I basically boil 1-2 lbs. gold potatoes, drain them, add them back to the pot and cook over low heat to get rid of excess moisture. Meanwhile, I will already have roasted a head of garlic (I just peel the cloves, add into a bowl with olive oil, S & P, and roast on 350 for 30 minutes or so).

        The potatoes may already be breaking apart, but now you break out the hand masher and turn off the heat. Add a half stick or so of cubed butter (depending on how many spuds you used), the roasted garlic cloves, and mash around a bit. S & P as well. Now... and this is the "secret"... add in some buttermilk. I have no idea how much. I just pour it in until it looks right... about a half to a whole cup I suppose.

        There you have it: easy starch. Keeps pretty well for a couple days in the fridge as well. I'm having some leftover spuds with my pork tenderloin tonight or tomorrow.

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          I think with the peaches I'd go with the rice and green onions. Two things - lightly saute the rice before you add broth or water, and also use more green onions than you think you need in a pilaf - and use the green tops,, too!

        2. I cut up russet potatoes into fourths, boil them in a little water, salt, pepper, and butter. When they are almost cooked down , add more butter and fresh chives. Also with pork, we always have applesauce with fresh grated nutmeg.

          1. A dressing of some wonderful bread, perhaps with some apple, and even include some of the peaches and ginger from your roast, as well as some aromatic vegetables....