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May 21, 2007 08:27 AM


Hey all,

New BYOB news! Bill's Pizzeria in Newton has a BYOB policy. Bring your own beer or wine...just be sure to bring your own corkscrew and cups for the latter.

Great place. Awesome pizza and pasta. New large sit down dining area.

Know of anyother good BYOB places in Boston? Let me know!


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  1. Pasta Lina's near the intersection of Rt. 60 and 28 in Medford (454 Salem St.) is BYO. Pretty tasty also.

    1. Bollywood Cafe (great Indian -- they'll go very spicy of you ask) on Mass Ave in Lexington (near the Lex/Arlington Hts line) is also BYO. They provide glassware and openers if needed. Bonus: they're next door to a liquor store. ;)

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        D'Parmas in Winthrop is decent Italian and byo.

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          By the way, do these BYO places generally charge corkage (say for bringing your own wine)? Or is that not allowed in Massachusetts? I know in California this was pretty common.

      2. I think the ability to BYOB is regulated town by town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I believe it's illegal in the cities of Boston and Cambridge; I'm not sure about other towns.

        I know that some places allow it anyway, but I don't talk about them here, for fear of bringing the wrath of the ABCC on them.