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May 21, 2007 08:18 AM

Cheapish lunch in Columbia

Hi all: I'm going to be near the intersection of 32 and 108 tomorrow afternoon. I think I only recall a Mcdonalds around there. Is there anything good for lunch either there or further down 32?
I have no preference on cuisine, but less than $10 for entree/sandwich & drink is preferred.



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  1. There is a reasonably decent chain restaurant just north of 32 on 108 in Clarksville Square. It's called Pasta Blitz. It's owned by the people who run Squisito.

    1. Great Sage is a funky vegetarian restaurant in the Clarksville Square Shopping Center. It's not my cup of tea, but other members of the family love it. A little further down MD 108, El Azteca has good Mexican food. There is also a Ledo's Pizza in the Shopping Center across 108, if you are a fan of Ledo's.

      1. I wound up at Great Sage and had the portabella flatbread sandwich (doctor's orders/recommendation) that came with roasted red skin potatoes w/ rosemary and I got a carbonated black cherry flavored tea.
        My only complaint was that something in the sandwich, presumbably the mushrooms, were leaky. Everything was tasty. I was expecting something more soda-like with the drink, but it was still pretty good.
        The service wasn't too shabby, I did have to wait several minutes to be seated but it wasn't because I was being ignored or anything.
        The decor was pleasant, lots of wood and drapes/tapestries on the walls.
        I found the crowd to be a lot of 20-something girls and 40-50-something year old women trying to be fashionable in their capri pants. I enjoyed myself eavesdropping in on the conversation between the two women next to me and their difficulties with computers, cell phones, and cameras.

        I did find a Chinese place across the street, as well as a bagel & coffee place and a restaurant/bar whose name escapes me at the moment, something with a C. I'd probably try them out next time I'm in the area.
        I would definitely go back.

        1. Luna C Grille is the name I was thinking of. They told me they're working on revamping their menu in the next few weeks.

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            It will be interesting to see what effect the opening of Ruby Tuesdays at the River Hill Shopping Center this summer will have on places like Ledo's, Luna C Grille, Panda Kitchen, El Azteca and all the other restaurants in Clarksville.