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May 21, 2007 08:10 AM

Baking Dish with baffles for extra corners

A couple months ago I saw a write up of a baking pan that had vertical baffles/ridges in it so that when baking brownies there would be more "corners " . From an overhead view it looks a bit like a maze. IIRC it was in Cooks Illustrated, but I went through my back issues and couldn't find it . Anyone know where to find one of these ?

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  1. You're thinking of the "Baker's Edge" pan:

    I've seen some writeups, but never used it myself. Has anyone here given it a spin?

    1. The latest issue of the King Arthur baking catalog has the pan.

      Item number 5751, sorry-currently out of stock.

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        Thanks for the tips . Seems that they are in short supply right now . I went to the Baker's Edge website and all their dealers were out except for a kitchen place in western MA - I bought their last two in stock . The reviews have been excellent . Buying one as a gift, one for myself.