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Anything good to eat at the Villa Rosa in Quincy?

Some folks from work are headed there this week. Saw some mixed reviews on the archives. But most post are pretty old. Looking for reviews from folks that have been there in the past 6 months. -- Thanks!

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  1. The pizza is still good there, though the rest of the food seems to have gone downhill. I'd definitely stick with the pizza...

    1. The pizza might be ok, but the rest of the food is just nasty. Canned veggies, ragu tomato sauce, that type of thing. I'd stick with the pizza if you must go there.

      1. I'd bring a sandwich from somewhere else.

        1. We live right down the street and ate there sometime over the winter. It was not good. We thought we'd give it another shot and ordered 2 pizzas to go a couple months ago. You can get better pizza delivered to your house from Domino's. My advice is to eat before you go and stick with a beer or two while everyone else dines.

          1. my irish american husband was raised on this food. i'm from an italian family and i jokingly tell my husband the food at the villa is eye-talian food for irish people. after a few years of eating there with his family i finally figured out one of the reasons why the food was so awful. if you can imagine italian food completely devoid of garlic, that is what you're going to get at the villa. there are other things terribly wrong with it.....acidic tomoto sauce. mushy pasta. microwaved rolls. i dno't know what to tell you to get. everything i've ever eaten there from the iceberg salad (slightly brown) with one slice of cucumber and one ring of red onion and one wedge of styrofoam tomato to the deep fried chicken parm to the veal parm which is really something else (and by that i mean, it's not veal!) is just dreadful. eat before you go.

            1. These are pretty strong opinions. Can I ask you to compare the Villa Rosa Vs. The Chateau in Andover or Norwood.

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                I personally like the Chateau better.

                Villa Rosa has always gotten some strongly negative views on this site, and I can't blame them since it does seem to have gone downhill (it used to be an ok place years ago). I still know people who go there all the time though and love it, so go figure. I guess the only way to judge is to give it a try and see which side of the fence you're on. Bottom line though is that there are better Italian restaurants in the area, including Tullio's in North Quincy and even nearby Alfredo's, which I don't consider to be all that great.

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                  The Chateau is better than Villa Rosa. However, if you REALLY are looking for GOOD Italian food in the area, go to Gennaros Italian on Quincy Avenue. The food there is excellent...everything that the Villa Rosa is not. Delicious fresh baked bread, fantastic homemade ravioli, great tortolini carbonara, and wonderful Italian-style pizza. You know how good it is from the moment you walk in, and it smells of garlic and rosemary and your mouth starts watering...

              2. Save yourself and your intestines and don't go. The food there makes Chef Boyardee seem like Mario Batali.

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                  I went with a couple who told me how great the food was. I thought it was medicore at best and terrible service too. The Chateau is the much better choice of the two. I hadn't been there in years but recently had occasion to dine both in Waltham and in Norwood and was pleasantly surprised how how good the food was. It was actually much better than I remembered and extremely reasonable too.

                2. Another, better option that's still in Quincy and a decent atmosphere and good (not great) food is Tullio's.

                  1. Well I did dine at the Villa Rosa and I can't think of anything good to say about it. The only thing the saved the night was the company. The rolls where hard and seemed like they where two days old. The chicken Parm seemed to be burned under neath. The atmosphere and decor is old. I will not return and I wouldn't suggest anyone else does ither.

                    I have eaten at the Chateau numerous times at their various locations and I have never been disapointed. Their family style take out is delicious and econimical. Favorite is the Toasted Raviolis with meatballs. They trough in a whole loaf of their delicious bread and a bottle of greated cheese so all you have to do is open the bad and enjoy.

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                      Hate to be the one to say it, but...

                      TOLD YA SO ;)

                      If you like toasted raviolis, the ones at Gennaros are excellent. You get 5 huge ones in an appetizer order.

                    2. Unfortunately the Villa has gone downhill these past few years. There isn't an item on the menu that I'd die for, but it'll do in a pinch, especially if nobody feel like driving anywhere.

                      However, they do make a very good prime rib special (Fri. and Sat. only) and pretty good burgers.

                      Love the comment re "Eye-talian food for Irishmen" because...well, it is.