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May 21, 2007 07:17 AM

Sabai Thai Closed

Does anyone know what happened to Sabai Thai on West Chester Pike in Newtown Square. My husband and I drove by there yesterday and the door was boarded up and all the lights were off. This is our favorite Thai place in the area!

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  1. nooooo!!! Dangit. I was just searching to see if they had a menu online, I was going to order from there tonight. Just 3 days after you posted this. Strange. So I called their number, hoping it was all a bad dream. I got the answering machine: "sorry, closed for Sabai Thai, closed."

    This is (was) the best Thai restaurant I've found so far in the region.

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      So I drove by this past Sunday morning and the board over the door was taken down. The front door was open so I am assuming someone was in there working but I'm not sure. If anyone knows anything specific please let me know. This was also my favorite Thai in the area but there is another new Thai place on Eagle Rd just north of Darby Rd across from the Oakmont Pub. It is quite good, but isn't Sabai Thai!

    2. I am not all that surprised that Sabai Thai closed. When it opened, I had such hopes for a Thai spot so close to work and home. Despite several dinner visits, we never got anything more than a mediocre meal there. After those disappointing meals, I'd only venture in for the occasional lunch when my coworkers and I didn't have enough time to drive anywhere else. My green mango salad and red curry dreams were dashed. I was worried that I'd be stuck driving to Ardmore and Frazier to satisfy my Thai cravings and those were only marginal choices to start with.

      But the story ends quite happilyl! The best Thai in the area, IMHO- including Philadelphia itself- is just a ten minute drive up the road to Berwyn- The Thai Orchid on Lancaster Avenue. It's in Berwyn Shopping Center- just down from the Berwyn train station. There is always ample parking. It's charming little BYOB- there's less than 10 tables, so a reservation is a good idea on the weekend (or during the Devon Horse Show). The dining room is decked out tastefully with Thai wall hangings and the table linens are always fresh. It's a cheery place to enjoy a meal.

      They offer an impressive range of Thai dishes, from the spiciest of curry dishes, to those topped with milder but no less vibrant sauces for the less daring. Their ingredients have always been really fresh and the dishes seem particularly well-balanced, with the different elements always harmonizing beautifully. The appetizers are perfectly sized to whet the appetite and my father often enjoys their soups to kick off his meals. For vegetarians there is a whole section of the menu dedicated to animal-friendly appetizers and entrees. One can eat there every week and never repeat a veg meal for a month- which is rare on the Main Line! The desserts are delightful and the service is always friendly and attentive. My family has eaten there many times in the past couple of years and this restaurant never disappoints.

      Thai Orchid
      556 Lancaster Ave
      Berwyn, PA 19312
      (610) 651-7840

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        hey, if you're willing to drive that far to thai orchid, try out thai pepper a few blocks down on lancaster ave in wayne. tasty place and they vegetarianize any dish i ask for.