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May 21, 2007 07:04 AM

Can I get a Great Neck primer?

My wife's best friend is moving to GN in the summer and anticipating many visits to them, I was hoping to get a Chowish primer on the best options there. TIA!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. As a resident, I'll give my two cents worth:

      Chinese: Cho-Sen Village is head and shoulders above Wok Tov or Shanghai Grill, which are both reasonably ok.

      Persian: I don't like this type of food but most folks say Colbeh is the standout, then you have Chatanooga & Danny's as second tier.

      Meat: Bistro Grill is excellent and they have a deli nextdoor which is superb as well. Shish Kabob Palace has good food but is pricey IMHO, and then you have Empire K-Roasters which is decent. Supposedly Grill Point from Queens is moving in soon as well.

      Dairy: Natali's has awesome food, never been disappointed there.

      Pizza: My fave is Elite, some folks like La Pizzeria, also have King's and GN Pizza

      Bagels: Bagel Mentch is the established place, and the newcomer GN Bagel Cafe seems to have some interesting stuff, bagels are quite good, more expensive than the Mentch.

      Desserts: Haagen Dazs, Cold Stone, Carvel & Tasti-d-Lite, La Gelato

      Butcher: Great Neck Glatt

      Bakery: Strauss is reasonably good. Bread Basket place is opening soon evidently....

      Others: Kandy King has good stuff for baskets, Shabbos gifts.

      Everfresh is the local kosher grocery, not under Vaad but 99.9% is reliable stuff. Has Sushi shop in there too, which IS under OK. Also, a few other small grocery stores, A-Z, not sure of others' names, with plenty of kosher food available.

      Finally, a few close-by choices: Mazur's Restaurant and Grocery in Little Neck and Dairy Queen is a nice little breakfast / lunch diner in New Hyde Park, plus the Colbeh in Roslyn is very quaint!

      Hope that helps......

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        Sounds awesome. Any shawarma/falafel? Is that at Shish Kabob Palace?

        1. re: DeisCane

          Yeah, they have shwarma/falafel, and my one time there was a pretty bad experience. Stale pita and a small chewy portion of chicken shwarma,$7.50. I go to Hummus World, I was there yesterday, for great shwarma/felafel sandwiches. I did notice on the menu for Shish Kabob that they make sandwiches on Laffa, so eventually I will give them another try but at over $10 it might be the most expensive sandwich around. Colbeh in Great Neck is lousy, catering hall quality and not surprising as they have a small catering hall attached to the place. Chosen is far better then Wok Tov ( I grabbed and egg roll to go on my way past and it was so bad I threw it out half eaten) so do take out from them. I wonder if anyone in G.N. bakes their own pita or laffa, does anyone know?

      2. There are many options, unfortunately none are outstanding. There are 4 kosher pizza shops. Two eat-in chinese (Cho-sen and Shangai Grill) and one take-out chinese (Wok Tov). There is Bistro Grill for steaks. Several Persion style eateries, including Colbeh and Chatenooga. An Israeli Grill (Shish Kebab). Kosher Ice cream and yogurt is available is several locations. Two kosher bagel shops (Bagel Mentch and GN Bagel Cafe).
        Outside of Great Neck, in Lake Sucess, there is Dairy King, an old fashioned dairy restaurant.