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May 21, 2007 06:58 AM

dark chocolate with very low sugar & maltitol?

I can't eat a lot of sugar, I don't want a lot of maltitol-sweetened chocolate, and 99% or 100% chocolate is too bitter.

Does anybody know of a source for chocolate bars containing 97% or 98% cocoa?
Or even a maltitol bar with a good 90% cocoa?

What alternatives are there for dark-chocolate bars without a lot of sugar or maltitol?

I would be *very* happy...

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  1. Check out They make a liquid chocolate, Creme de Chocolat. It has no calories, fat, etc etc. It is sweetened with a combination of a chinese fruit, lo han and stevia. I make a faux "Egg Cream" with 2 ounces of 1% milk, 2 droppers of Creme de Chocolat and then fill the glass with seltzer water. Very yummy.

    1. Lindt "Excellence" 85% cocoa bars have only 12 g of sugar in the entire 100 g bar.
      Same amount in Valhrona Le Noir 85%.

      That doesn't seem like a "lot of sugar." (it's less than half an ounce). I too tend to avoid sugar but one-fourth of a bar of 85% is enough chocolate for me for a day -- that's only 3 grams of sugar. A few raisin's worth.

      In contrast the 70% bar of Green & Black has about 30 g of sugar.