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May 21, 2007 06:48 AM

Indianapolis - Steak Restaurants

A group of us (probably 8) will be in Indy for the 500 this weekend. We are a group of small-town Midwesterners looking for a good basic steak dinner the night before the race that doesn't break the bank like Mo's, Sullivan's, or Morton's does yet is a decent restaurant. I tried a search in Midwest Chowhound but didn't come up with much. Wondered if any locals could steer us towards good places that might be local favorites? We are going to be based in Brownsburg but will travel for places with good recommendations. Thanks for any help! -- Chuck from Illinois

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  1. I would suggest one of the Cunningham Group restaurants (locally owned). There is one in Brownsburg called Boulder Creek, one in Avon called Charbonos and then several called Stone Creek, one of which is in Plainfield. Most of them do a decent steak and are, I thiink, more in your intended price range.


    Hope this helps.

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      I think you are right Bonmann - and with the traffic situation on the west side, staying further west in Avon and Brownsburg will be much nicer all together. I've always liked Charbonos better than Boulder Creek personally but as you stated they are owned by the same group.

      There is a new place that's opened in Brownsburg, on the corner of 267 and 136, I don't know what they serve and how casual it is but it might be a nice option for ParmLover too.

      Have fun and enjoy the race!

    2. Thanks for the replies - we tried Boulder Creek last year and it was a fine restaurant so that one can stay on the list. We may try Charbonos or Stone Creek to shake it up a little. Thanks again! -- Chuck in Illinois

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        You may want to try Bynums Steakhouse on South Meridian. I believe they still have the two locations, the other in Martinsville, IN. With the number of steakhouses this city has (many of them chains), I still havn't found one as good as the bone-in cut at Bynums. It's definitely nothing upper scale and the sides are very basic, however they still cut there own steaks and they may even cook it right since they're not a huge chain!! It's hard to find a nicely seared piece of corn fed beef-----especially at St. Elmo's, where you should only go for the atmosphere.

        So head south on Meridian off the beaten tracks and look for the big steer out front, you won't miss it.

        The other place I would recommend for prime rib is Bongie's tavern in Perkinsville. It's a roadtrip, but one worth taking especially if within a group. Take your cooler for refreshments as everyone is encouraged to tailgate outside before making it in to eat. They only do the prime rib on Friday and Saturday. Good luck.

        1. re: napolean

          I completely forgot about Bynums. We went there for lunch the other day and my husband had a HUGE New York Strip - it was rare and juicy and he was a happy camper.

          1. re: Cookiefiend

            I recommend Bynums as well. But beware. I went their TWICE for the weekend Prime Rib and each time on early Saturdays they were out. Which, naturally, only made me want it more. Other times, we had good ribeye. Wine list was lame, but eh, it's the southside.

            My off the wall, corny recommendation is the Rathskellar downtown off Mass Ave. Yeah, it's a German restaurant, but my ex and I were BIG steak eaters and it seriously had some of the best we had in town. (I switched between filet and rib eye) Two sides and salad included for $30

            1. re: gotdebt

              I'll be darned... I only think of the Rathskellar for German food, beer and the Biergarten.
              Interesting - next time we have a concert to go to at the Murat we might pop in there instead!
              Thanks for the info!