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BernieMSY May 21, 2007 06:17 AM

Ate at Table in Little Silver last evening. They have done wonderful things with a space that has been a graveyard for several other restaurants. This time, things may be clicking. The room is very attractive, with yellow walls above dark wainscoting accented by attractive blood red hanging lamps. The menu was extensive, with interesting choices both by land and sea. There is some imagination at work here, and though a few dishes come off as a bit overwrought, the food is quite good. Excellent desserts. BYOB. Has anyone else had a chance to dine there yet?

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    jsfein RE: BernieMSY May 21, 2007 07:01 AM

    Bernie -- your's is the first review (I believe) this board has seen of Table. It would be great if you would post more info regarding the food (and the prices which seemed quite steep). Thanks.

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      BernieMSY RE: jsfein May 21, 2007 12:16 PM

      sure thing, jsfein. The cowboy steak was a monstrous piece of beef, marinated and slathered with onion rings, set atop a bed of mushrooms. All at the table expressed approval. The coffee steak was encrusted with espresso and peppercorns. Everyone enjoyed it as well, but the flavor of the spice was a little bit bitter for some. The peach barbecue pork chop was excellent, and the shrimp with Thai soba noodles was also a success. Prices were steep as indicated on the website, but our party felt that they got good value. We sat in one of the three front booths. It was a very comfortable space that seats up to 6. Service was friendly and professional.

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        bgut1 RE: BernieMSY Jul 25, 2007 08:19 AM

        Has anyone else tried Table? I've been debating whether to add it to my try list. My sole reservation is the price. Apps are in the $15-$20 range and entrees eclipse the $40 mark.

        1. re: bgut1
          RGR RE: bgut1 Jul 25, 2007 08:42 AM

          Hey, bgut,

          Considering that Pink Pepper spent $120 on steak for two at South St. Steakhouse, Table is a bargain!! lol

          1. re: RGR
            jsfein RE: RGR Jul 25, 2007 09:00 AM

            Forget Pink Pepper, bgut1 himself spent $28 on a rack of ribs for lunch (which, based on his review, I'm contemplating doing myself in the near future). Table's prices should be a breeze.

            1. re: jsfein
              bgut1 RE: jsfein Jul 25, 2007 09:16 AM

              So true jsfein ... you got me on that one. :) However, I did get two meals out of that one dish.
              BTW - Whatever happened with Pink Pepper? Did she get around to calling the restaurant? I'm really interested to know their response.

          2. re: bgut1
            Pink Pepper RE: bgut1 Jul 25, 2007 09:18 AM

            Yes! I absolutely loved the food at Table! I am planning to go back very soon. Maybe even this weekend. It's a better bargain than the South St. Steakhouse. I think their big steak was about $45. ( BTW, hubby called SS to see if the price was a mistake. Guy said yes, it should have been $100. Said they would call us back, but so far they haven't.) I'll keep you posted.

            1. re: Pink Pepper
              RGR RE: Pink Pepper Jul 25, 2007 09:38 AM

              Unless it's kobe beef, even $100 is too high!

              Btw, if you happened to have paid with AMEX, they handle these kinds "mistakes." (This whole scenario has me skeptical....)

              1. re: RGR
                bgut1 RE: RGR Jul 25, 2007 10:41 AM

                I agree with RGR. I would file a dispute with Amex tout de suite.

                1. re: bgut1
                  aacharya RE: bgut1 Jul 25, 2007 12:53 PM

                  As I have the same concerns about Brandl and to a lesser extent, Bistro Ole having high prices even as BYOs, I can't justify going to Table, with so many other cheap ethnic options. But I like hearing about all these places.

                  And who knows - if a coupon comes out for Table, count me in.

                  1. re: aacharya
                    joonjoon RE: aacharya Jul 25, 2007 01:15 PM

                    Did Bisto Ole raise their price??? (Sorry, inside joke.)

                    1. re: joonjoon
                      bgut1 RE: joonjoon Nov 26, 2007 10:16 AM

                      I'll be trying Table this weekend and look forward to filing my report.

                      1. re: RGR
                        bgut1 RE: RGR Dec 2, 2007 11:55 AM

                        Here is the promised report:
                        This restaurant is located in downtown Little Silver in the shopping center that houses the venerable Rays Seafood. The attractive yellow awnings invite you into this handsome place. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a welcoming and warm décor. Think yellow/beige faux painting, hand blown glass wall sconces and whimsical antique touches (i.e. an old Victrola record player that purportedly appeared in it’s a Wonderful Life per Chef Bradley and a beautiful iron statute saved from an old Dublin hotel and repainted by the chef). It’s clear that a lot of thought and money went into the renovation of this space. In the front of the room there are four alcoves with seating for six. This arrangement provides parties with a feel that they are dining in a private room. I seem to recall the middle of the room is broken up by a partition while the back looks into an open “glassed” kitchen. In actually, the glass panels roll open (when the kitchen wants) and a half round chef’s table sits in front of the panels for a commanding view. I know I’m jumping ahead, but at the end of the evening, Chef Bradley (a convivial and friendly guy btw) gave us a tour of the restaurant and we were able to see that the kitchen was both immaculate and well kept. Now to the food. I would define the cuisine as new ‘creative” American. By creative, the chef takes liberties with some preparations and in others incorporates made different ethnic influences in his cooking. The size of our party gave us the opportunity to try many of the items on the menu. I suggested to the group that we each order salads, order a number of appetizers for the table and then each order an entrée. I started with the arugula salad with shaved parmesan and a fig vinaigrette. The salad met my requirements as it was flavorful, fresh and expertly dressed. The same could be said for the other salads enjoyed by my tablemates. I also sampled the spinach salad and recall for some reason that I even liked it better than mine. Our waiter was quite friendly and very accommodating to likes and dislikes of our table (omitting items when requested) and accepting of the jovial nature of our crew (especially after imbibing more than a few bottles of wine). Pacing of the meal was also excellent. We were never wanting for food as it seemed to be coming at the most opportune times. For appetizers we all shared the following: beer batter fried tuna sushi roll with a passion fruit vinaigrette, half a dozen extra large tempura oysters with a lemongrass mayonnaise, artichoke and brie dip, and fried calamari with a wonderful mint/lime dipping sauce (a great touch as I get so bored of the typical marinara sauce). While we did order quite a few fried items, none were greasy and all were inventive and very tasty. I would not hesitate re-ordering any of them. With the entrees, most in our table ordered beef (the cowboy, coffee and filet steaks) save for one who ordered the only disappointment for the evening – the Soba Noodles with Shrimp. I had the cowboy steak and can attest to the gargantuan Fred Flintstone size of this hunk of meat. This puppy is marinated for three days in a sweet ancho chili sauce, perfectly grilled to order (in my case medium rare) and served on a mound of mushrooms, beans and corn and delicately topped with thin fried onions. For those that love the spiced strip steak at Copper Canyon, you’re going to love this rendition. It’s well worth the $44 tab as I continued to enjoy it with a nice salad this afternoon for lunch. I also got a chance to try the coffee steak and found the spice combination to be excellent as well but very different from the cowboy. While the cowboy steak was somewhat sweet and spicy, the coffee preparation was smoky and perfectly complemented the beefy taste of the steak (genius if you asked me). I intend to order the coffee steak the next time I dine at Table. While we admittedly had a lot of food, I was obliged to try dessert in order to properly assess this restaurant. I am happy to report that the excellence in the preparation of the prior courses carries through to the end. I dutifully ordered two desserts to pass around the table: the baked to order apple tart with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream and the fallen chocolate cake. Both were excellent. The apple tart was in fact baked to order delivered warm with a delicious flakey and buttery crust. The cake was also freshly prepared – warm, chocolatey and gooey. A perfect way to end the meal. As I had mentioned above, Chef Bradley appeared at our table at the end of the meal to inquire as to whether we enjoyed our meal. This in turn led to a nice guided tour of his restaurant. A beautiful space, accommodating service, excellent food and a friendly chef. Who can ask for anything more? Highly recommended. For those of you concerned about the cost, the tab for our party of 6 was $400 exclusive of gratuity (or approximately $130/couple). A bargain in my book. BTW, while the restaurant’s website is currently being redone, here is a link to dinner menu from the old site: http://www.tablenj.com:80/Table_Dinne... Good Luck.

                        1. re: bgut1
                          BernieMSY RE: bgut1 Dec 3, 2007 01:01 PM

                          I'm glad you enjoyed it, bgut1.

                          1. re: BernieMSY
                            bgut1 RE: BernieMSY Dec 3, 2007 02:09 PM

                            Thanks Bernie. I kind of owe it to you for starting the thread.

                            1. re: bgut1
                              BernieMSY RE: bgut1 Dec 16, 2007 10:29 AM

                              Another very good meal last night at Table. The cowboy steak remains a hit while another very good choice was chicken breast stuffed with andouille sausage and brie. Lobster cake (like crab cake with lobster ) was excellent as was papardelle with speck and radicchio in a parmesan cream sauce. Host Ann Bradley was very charming and her husband Martin's cuisine continues to shine. The room was lively and , as always, looks great.

                              1. re: BernieMSY
                                BernieMSY RE: BernieMSY Mar 4, 2008 04:44 PM

                                I'm pleased to report yet another positive experience at Table last week. Ann and Martin Bradley continue to be exemplary hosts. My friends and I held a wine dinner at the chef's table and all participants came away extremely impressed by this Little Silver gem. BTW, Chef Bradley showed us an enormous, shallow pan that he uses to prepare custom clambakes at the chef's table and we immediately booked it for early May. Report to follow.

                                1. re: BernieMSY
                                  Angelina RE: BernieMSY Mar 5, 2008 04:24 AM

                                  I have never posted my review here, probably because everyone will wonder what went wrong with my night? My husband and I went last week after all these "glowing" reviews. The place is beautiful inside and the service was excellent. Our waiter was fantastic, he was great at pacing everything out, continually checked on us without being obtrusive.

                                  The food. We started with an order of the fried calamari and a cesar salad. The salad was very good, but I did not care for the calamari or that watery lime sauce served with it. The sauce was too zesty and I feel it threw off the freshness of the calamari.

                                  Fo dinner: the cowboy steak was so big!!! Has anyone ever finished that at one seating?? The sauce reminded me of Bobby Faly Steak in A.C. (not as good, but close enough) The other entree was cornish game hen. The hen was cooked a little too much for me because I had to douse it in sauce it was so dry.

                                  We did not have dessert beacuse we were so full, but honestly I was not that impressesd. :( I know a lot of you met for a "Chowhound Get Together" here, maybe that was my mistake...I should have went to that!!! :)

                                  Perhaps, I will give it another try, but not in the near future. The place just did not make me say, "WOW".

                                  1. re: Angelina
                                    tom246 RE: Angelina Mar 8, 2008 07:01 AM

                                    Hi Angelina

                                    I'm with you on the accessment of Table. Good but not even close to a wow.


                                    1. re: tom246
                                      BernieMSY RE: tom246 Jan 10, 2009 01:11 PM

                                      I'm sad to report that Table closed it's door just before New Year's day. I look forward to learning where Chef Martin Bradley lands next.

                                      1. re: BernieMSY
                                        RGR RE: BernieMSY Jan 10, 2009 02:04 PM


                                        The news about Table was actually reported on this board in December. Funny thing is, I've tried searching for the relevant thread but have not been able to locate it. All of us who enjoyed dining there agreed that it's a loss.

                                        1. re: RGR
                                          GreatBodGreatPalate RE: RGR Feb 22, 2009 01:49 PM

                                          Table Restaurant was a short lived yet amazing place to be. The food was just spectacular. From the coffee steak, to Martin Bradley's mouth watering version of the spinach salad , this menu and cooking style was unique and kept you coming back for more. Sadly, they closed, however, you can find Martin Bradley straightening things up at Hollywood Golf Club.

                                          1. re: GreatBodGreatPalate
                                            RGR RE: GreatBodGreatPalate Feb 22, 2009 02:00 PM

                                            I'm pleased to hear that Martin Bradley is cooking elsewhere. However, checking the Hollywood Golf Club's website, it does not appear that their dining room is open to the public.


                                            1. re: RGR
                                              bgut1 RE: RGR Feb 22, 2009 05:01 PM

                                              Good news travels fast. I just heard the same thing from a friend today. Thankfully this person is a member and I hope to have a few occasions to dine there.

                                              1. re: bgut1
                                                tom246 RE: bgut1 Feb 22, 2009 05:13 PM

                                                I've been fortunate to have been invited to a couple of charity tournaments there. Pretty dining room, the food was very good even prior to Chef Bradley joining. Should move up a notch higher.

                                                bgut, the course is a classic and beautiful. Be sure to play if you are invited.

                                                1. re: bgut1
                                                  RGR RE: bgut1 Feb 22, 2009 08:01 PM

                                                  Heu, b.,

                                                  Maybe you can convince your friend to host a Chowhound get-together there. :-))

                                                  1. re: RGR
                                                    bgut1 RE: RGR Feb 22, 2009 08:17 PM

                                                    Tom - I've been invited to play but have yet to give it go. I'll try it one of these days.

                                                    R - I'll ask my friend but don't hold your breath. :)

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